Destiny and Life Aren't All That Bad

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Genre: Romance/Supernatural

Rating: PG-13

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Chapter Nineteen: What Happened?

Ryo, Piper, and Jonathon walked out of room 256, and wondered where the corpse of Erica was. They needed to set up a proper funeral for her. "Where the heck could her corpse be?!" said Jonathon.

"Did you have to say corpse? I mean, why couldn't you say something else? With the word corpse, it gets all of these horrible images into my mind......," said Piper, turning green, slightly.

"Oh, sorry, then how about body that's spirit is no longer in the living realm?" offered Jonathon.

"Much better," said Piper, her greenish color fading.

"Yeah, we wouldn't want Piper barfing on us, now would we, Uncle Johnny?" said Ryo, with his arm around Piper.

"Yeah, well," Johnathon said, rolling his eyes slightly. Dr. Avalon appeared before them, looking at a clipboard which he carried.

"Hello, family of Ms. Erica Alberts, right?" he asked.

"Yes," said Ryo.

"Well, if you'll follow me," said Dr. Avalon. He led them down the halls of the hospital, stopping at a room. "Now, inside is, well, the dead body of Erica," Piper's face turned slightly green again. "And you may go in and see it, but...Only if you want to."

"Erica never told us how she died.......," Ryo muttered.

"Beg your pardon?" said Dr. Avalon.

"Uh nothing," Ryo said, in a normal volume.

"All right, well, would you like to see? Normally, people do not want to see the dead corpse of their aunt or family member," said Dr. Avalon.

"I do," said Ryo. He saw horrible things before, so how bad could this be? He ignored Piper's face, which was growing rather greener by the second.

"Me too," said Johnathon, nodding.

"All right, but we cannot allow your girlfriend to go in and see her, since she's not family," said Dr. Avalon, meaning Piper.

"Oh, she's not my girlfriend," said Ryo.

"Oh, well, still, and she looks rather greenish, no?" said Dr. Avalon.

"You're right, listen, Ryo, you go in, I'll get Shania to a restroom," said Johnathon.

"All right," said Ryo, casting one last look at Piper before going into the room.

"Come on Shania, let's go find you a restroom," said Johnathon, guiding her down the hall. Piper just nodded in response.


Ryo entered the white room, which was completely empty except for a rather large coffin-like box, with a cover on it. He didn't know why he wanted to see the dead body of his aunt, but he figured that it might have been a clue......for an unknown mystery that would probably come their way soon. He, hesitantly, put his hand on the cotton-like fabric coverer, then, he slowly pulled it down. He saw Erica's pale, eyes closed, and mouth open in horror, face. Then, he revealed more. She basically looked normal, except.....When Ryo saw her clothing-covered stomach, he could feel the lunch he ate today come up his throat. In the middle of her stomach area, there was a huge hole. It didn't look perfectly circular, in fact, rather disfigured. The thing about it was: There was no blood on the side, no red marks. Instead, there were some green, liquidy substance around it, and the rest of it was black. Ryo was rather sickened by the sight, even though there was no blood. It wasn't human. He wondered what could have happened to cause this.....Well, he and Piper would just have to solve it. On the subject of Piper...........

"Really Luke! I'm fine now! I swear," came the voice of Piper from outside the door.

"Shania, I don't think it would be the most sensible thing to do to go in.....," said Jonathon.

"Don't worry, nothing will happen," said Piper. She opened the door cautioiusly and closed it gently, after she came in. "Hey Ryo," said Piper, in a soft tone.

"Uh.....Piper, I really don't think you should be in here," said Ryo, nervously.

"Don't worry, I persuaded Dr. Avalon to let me in, plus, since when are you one for rules?" Piper replied.

"It's not that........," said Ryo. The reason he didn't want Piper in here was the fact that her brother committed suicide in front of her, by stabbing himself with a knife, and the sight of Erica might bring back those memories, and Ryo didn't know how she would react.

"Don't worry, I won't get sick in here, I mean, Erica looked fine as a ghost, maybe something just frightened her to death.....I just want to see if I can gather any clues," said Piper, shrugging. "This could happen again, to innocents, again, as well, and I want to be prepared." She stepped forward to where Ryo was, but she didn't look at the corpse yet, she was looking at Ryo once more. "No worries."

"Piper....," he said, in a warning tone. Piper obviously did not hear him, because she looked down. The horrified gasp of Piper's made Ryo realized that Piper did indeed look. "Piper, I tried to warn you," said Ryo, expecting her to scream or say, "OH MY GOD!" But instead, Piper did something totally unexpected, and it scared Ryo. Piper's breath quickened and she clutched her throat, as if she couldn't breathe. Her eyes were still wide with fright, and she looked like an innocent deer caught in head lights. Her eyes betrayed her fright as well, and not just that, it showed images of how her brother died, and Ryo noticed them all. "Piper?" he asked, worriedly.

By now, Piper was breathing like she just ran a marathon, because her breath was coming up faster, and soon, they began to get shaky. Piper bent down, still breathing those shaky breaths, and one of her hands was around her throat, not choking it, of course, more like feeling it. Making sure it was still there. Her stray strands of hair soon fell down from their tucked place behind her ear and fell to her face, which was bent down. Then, unexpectedly, she collpased. Her eyes were closed, and Ryo could hear no breaths coming from her, no breaths to show that she was alive, no breaths to show that she was trying to regain air to help her live. None. Just a deadly, literally, silence. Ryo ran to Piper's side, and felt her now cold arms and hands. Ryo was, well, spooked. He couldn't believe this. Ryo meant to call out an urgent cry to Jonathon, but instead, what came out was a coarse, scratchy, kind of rough, shaky, and soft "Jonathon!" Luckily, that was enough to make Jonathon running into the room, for he had never heard his nephew like this. When he looked down, he realized why.

"I knew she shouldn't have gone in!" said Jonathon. "Since she's so damn sensitive, and-" he cut himself off to calm his nerves and breathing. He had to stay in control, Ryo was kind of losing it. "CPR."

"You're gonna do CPR on her?!" said Ryo, as if Jonathon lost his mind.

"No! You are!" said Jonathon, rather appalled at the idea.

"Oh....Wait........No!" said Ryo.

"Listen, each second we waste, the chances are also slimming of Shania living," said Jonathon.

Ryo was about to argue, but then, he saw the common sense and reason in it, so he put his face inches to Piper's, bent down, his mouth to hers, and did CPR. He tried to get Piper breathing again, by pumping his air into her lungs (A/N: Not the most accurate, but I'm not really sure how to explain it). He'd stop every now and then to look at her, for any signs of life, but none came. So he repeated the process several times, until, Piper coughed. She coughed and sat up. At first, she looked lost, then, she realized where she was. Her hand flew to her mouth, and her eyes were saying, "Oh my....." She looked up at Ryo and Jonathon apologetically, sorry for causing them worry. "I'm so sorry," she said, hoarsely.

"You're alive, that's all that matters," said Jonathon, for Ryo couldn't speak at that moment.

"I....Didn't think she would look like that.....She looked fine as a ghost....I guess.....I just.....Assumed," said Piper.

"You're right, you didn't think! God damn it Piper! You worried us, really worried us! Not worry like is your injury ok? Not worry like are you emotionally stable. Worry like are you god-damn alive!" said Ryo, building up anger.

"I'm sorry Ryo," said Piper, once more, standing up to face him. There was a sob wretching at her throat.

"Good God Piper! It's not about that, it's just-" he was cut off by a hug from Piper, and teardrops stained his shirt.

"I'm sorry," she repeated, her phrase muffled.

Ryo sighed and put his hand on her back, and rubbed it, gently. "It's all right, just.....Don't do it again, all right?"

Piper nodded, and looked up at him, wiping her tears away. "I promise."


"Oh my God!" said Piper, jumping up from the bench she was sitting at. She and Ryo were in the park. After the scare Piper accidentally gave Ryo and Jonathon, they headed back to Sky Dreams, and Jonathon went back to his diner, saying he'd see them tomorrow.

"What?" asked Ryo, shaping his snowball he secretly made.

"It's Christmas!" said Piper, seeing her watch turn to 12:00. "Oh! This is so exciting!"

"Chill Piper," said Ryo. "It's only Christmas."

"Ryo!" said Piper, shocked. "You shouldn't say that! Christmas is not just! It's not a holiday where you can say 'just'! It's a holiday where you think 'special' or 'marvelous' or 'breath-taking'! Definitely not just!"

"All right! All right! I get the point, I get the point, sorry," said Ryo.

"You should be," said Piper, defiantly, then, she grinned. "So Ryo, what did you get?"

"Get?" asked Ryo.

"Yeah, for the pre-" Piper was cut off the the snowball hitting her face. "Ryo!" said Piper, laughing, and brushing the snow off of her face. She bent down, and scooped up some snow, and ran behind a tree, while shaping a snowball. Once she got that done, she stepped away from the tree and looked around, cautiously. Ryo then jumped out from behind a bush, and was about to launch a snowball towards her, but Piper's reflexes kicked in and she threw it first. And so, a snowball fight occured, and in the end, Ryo and Piper were both really wet from the snow, and really red from moving around so much. "That was fun......And refreshing."

"I gotta agree," said Ryo. Then, a thought hit him. He remembered Erica saying something to Piper about her parents being sorry for one particular event. "Piper? What was the event your parents were really sorry for?" he asked.

Piper's smile slid off her face instantly and her face darkened. "Oh, it's nothing," she said, her eyes on the ground.

"Piper, look at me and say it's nothing," commanded Ryo.

Piper looked up at him, and said, "It's nothing," but her eyes did the shifty eye thing that she did when she was lying.

"Piper.....," said Ryo, in a warning tone.

"Look, it's nothing Ryo, just drop it!" said Piper, being out of her character, since she never snapped.

"Piper, just tell me," said Ryo, pleadingly.

"Just drop it," said Piper, coldly, not looking at him. "I'm going home," she said, while walking away.

Ryo growled, but he knew that Piper wouldn't tell him, at least not now. He followed her, leaving a fair distance between them, grumbling the whole entire time.


The next morning, Piper woke up super early, around 4 o'clock, and ran downstairs to where the tree was. She didn't shout out, "It's CHRISTMAS!!!" like she was going to, because of how things went last night. Instead, she just sat down by the tree, and looked at it.


Two hours later, Ryo woke up and headed downstairs, and found Piper staring at the tree. "How long have you been staring?"

"Two hours," she answered, glancing at the clock.

"Two hours?!" said Ryo, surprised. "God Piper, you could have read a book!"

"I know, but I was entranced by the beauty of the tree," she answered, dreamily.

"It's a tree," Ryo said.

"So?" said Piper.

"Never mind," Ryo answered, shaking his head.


"Yeah," Ryo replied.

"I'm sorry for being so cold and snappy last night......It's just....I'd rather not talk about it. I'll let you know when I do, all right?" said Piper, still staring at the tree.

"Fine," Ryo said, giving in. He knew that whatever Piper was keeping from the world and him had to be bad, horribly bad.


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