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Chapter 1

As a vampire we are sworn to stay hidden and keep our killings random. Mass slaughter is against the rules and punishable by death. We are forced into staying with our covens and only leaving with written permission from our elder. There are certain vampires, called The Loyals, who are allowed out at night to scour the city for any rouge vampires. The rouge vampires are captured and brought back to our mansion and are dealt with there, almost always the result is death.

I suppose living here isn't all too bad. Our home is large and houses many, many vampires. We have a training quarter for the Loyals, or anyone who chooses to work out. The training quarter also has such things as swimming pool, and a faux hot spring, which I often visit. Although the house is very large I do not wander around it very often. I only frequent the library and my own personal room. I do not have a lot of vampire friends around the house, due to my lack of association with them. I like being by myself and reading up on our history and past elders that had been slain over the centuries. My mind was a lot stronger then my physical body, in the sense that I knew so much of the downfall of others that I knew not to make the same mistake. Not saying that my body was weak, I had a rather strong build to me.

For years upon years I have been trying to get into The Loyals, each time I had failed. Why I had failed every time I was not sure. I was fit enough to endure the rigorous endurance testing and the grueling strength tests, but for some reason I was never chosen. Why was this?

I knew everyone by name in the household and a good deal about them. The two vampire roommates in the room beside mine were known as Vox and Tik, both of which were part of The Loyals. Vok got his nickname by the style in which he fought. There s a certain technique in fighting that we call the Vokidon, it is extremely difficult to master and takes years to even learn. Vok is very well talented with the style and picked it up rather quickly. He is rather short with Asian coloured skin, shoulder length dark brown hair and brown eyes that turn green under the full moon light. Tik on the other had is tall with extremely white skin and long white hair. He has a scar under his right eye in the shape of a crescent moon. His eyes are light blue with a swirl of grey around his pupil. Tik got his nickname from this strange twitch he has with his eye. He never said for sure, but I always thought he cut the twitch from the scar that was given to him. Tik was generally a friendly type of guy, but the twitch gave him a rather creepy appearance.

I had trained on several occasions with these two and knew them, perhaps, better then I knew anyone else here. They seemed to be the only ones I ever talked to.

The other vampires seem not to care so much about their appearance; I on the other hand, am constantly well groomed. I consider myself a beautiful male, a piece of art if you will. I am proud of my charming good looks and ability to charm others easily into my deadly trap. I have never had any trouble in luring in a meal, male or female. It was a gift I had, but a gift I would have given up for a chance to roam as I pleased around the city.

Late last night I had heard Vok and Tik talking, they had said something about the initiation ceremony for the new Loyals. I listened carefully through my door as they stood in the hallway talking quietly to each other. They mentioned something about a new of the younger vampires being welcomed into the Loyals. A surge of anger flew through me like lightning. Young vampires being welcomed into the clan, but not me? I had at least 70 years on all of those pathetic little fledglings. I suppressed my anger inside of me as I heard my name mentioned in the hall.

"Poor Keagan, he's tried every year for the last 15 years, why hasn't he been picked?" Tik asked softly as him and Vok began to walk away.

I only got to hear something about my poor social skill before I couldn't hear them anymore. Social skills, why would I need something like that? What good would it do me in the long run? I was still infuriated by the fact that some of the young ones were going to be welcomed. Every year only 3 were picked from the usually large crowd. Yet ever year our numbers dwindle. We're in a war you see. oh, right I forgot to mention.

Our kind are being killed off, one by one by none other then our most hated enemies, the Lycans. We have always been at war with the Lycans, but a few years ago, the war became more prominent and fierce. The Lycans had tracked down more of their kind from around the world and brought them here. We host the largest number of vampires in a single area, perhaps which is why they have all come here. One could never be so sure.

The Lycans are a fierce group, I myself have only seen a Lycan once face to face, but I will never forget that day as long as I walk this cursed plain.