Millennium Ninjas

Number One

by Del Felesif

Page Chapter Number Chapter Name

1 One The Prophecy

1 Two Torndado

2 Three The Windmaker

3 Four Beating the Windmaker

Chapter One

The Prophecy

A tornado rocked the earth as it engulfed seven kids, three sixteen year olds, and four twelve year olds.

Suddenly, the tornado stopped, and the kids were different, one of the sixteen year olds was in all black clothes, another was in red, and the other was in white. The twelve year olds were in red and white, blue, green, and gray. The black and the red and white ones had a sword and scimitar. The black one, a black scimitar, the red and white one, a red and white sword, which he called Iceflame. The other didn't speak.

Then the red and white one bowed down in prayer, then the seven looked up and the blue one punched at someone.

For this dream has come to me. I hope it will stay guarded.

Unfortunately, the writer of this died in an arson attack by seven deadly flying fighters, the prophecy along with the man were never to be seen from, or heard from again.

Chapter Two


"EEE! EEE!" The alarm sounded. A tornado was coming.

Tom Tracey was a high schooler at London Middle School doing an assembly on competitiveness with two other people, Chris Mueller and Stephen Pasdiora from two other schools.

Jon Tracey, Brandon DiPaolo, Rob Meier, and Mike Atkins, who went to Jack London Middle School, had this weird tearing feeling that something was gonna happen other than the tornado.

"It's too late," Jon said softly.

"What?" Tom asked, his heart dropping as an explosion of wind shattered the wall right next to them. Everyone except the seven of them scattered in different directions. The tornado engulfed the Tom, Chris, Stephen, Jon, Brandon, Rob, and Mike.

They spun around and around, getting hit by things, and being extremely hurt. Then the tornado stopped, and they were different.

Tom became the night fighter, Black Warrior, with his trusty scimitar 'Blackmist', he could disappear and reappear easily, but he said nothing, he was the leader of the group.

Chris became Red Fighter, who fought with fire, and could burn down anything in two seconds, he was second in command, and the second fastest flyer.

Stephen became White Jabber, who fought with ice, and he could easily cause a second ice age. White Jabber was third in command, and the best regular fighter.

Jon became W.R.K., who fought with fire and ice, but most of all, wind, because when warm air and cold air mix, well, you know, also, he could use some telekinetic powers. He was number four, in the middle, and in command of his group, the diamond group.

Brandon became Blue Ninja, the water fighter, fifth in command total, but number two in the diamond group. He could drown everyone in the world in a matter of minutes.

Rob became Green Falcon, he fought in acid, and could kill everybody with acid rain. He was the fastest flyer, number six overall, and number three in the diamond group.

Finally, Mike became Gray Winner, he used telekinesis, and could heal anyone at will. He also knew the ancient language of the world of Janin. He was the number seven overall, and number four in the diamond group.

Together, they were, the Millennium Ninjas. "Iceflame," W.R.K. said smiling, and then bowed down and prayed. Then got up, the Millennium Ninjas looked up and saw him, they flew up, and Blue Ninja threw a punch.

Chapter Three

The Windmaker

The flying being, threw wind at Blue Ninja, who blasted away.

"BLUE!" W.R.K. shouted, going to aid Blue Ninja, "use L.E.S. we'll come get you later!" W.R.K. flew back up.

"L.E.S.!" Blue Ninja shouted, and a beam of light flew out of his hand, and at the speed of light, he was back home.

"You're gonna pay," Green Falcon stated through gritted teeth, "Acid F..."

"No!" Gray Winner shouted, "you'll kill everyone from school that way, just use Acid Spill!"

"Fine," Green Falcon said, rolling his eyes, "Acid Spill!" When suddenly, acid appeared out of nowhere, behind the enemy, and it hit him."

"That almost hurt," he said, "and you don't even know who I am, or what I even did yet."

"We could feel that you weren't good," W.R.K. stated, "and that's good enough for us."

"Let me introduce myself," he said, "I am the Windmaker, I needed a good fight... that old man wouldn't fight me... so I created the tornado knowing that the Millennium Ninjas would come out." He smiled.

"Now can I do my acid fire?" Green Falcon asked.

"That would kill everything except us, including plants and bystanders," W.R.K. replied, shaking his head, "you should really know what your powers do."

"How 'bout we give it a try?" Red Fighter queried, looking at White Jabber, and they both smiled.

"Endukan!" Red Fighter and White Jabber shouted together, and two beams came out of there hands at the Windmaker, they blew him back a couple feet.

"Finally," the Windmaker said, "you do something to me."

"Let me do something," Black Warrior grinned, "RAPID-FIRE ENDUKAN!" Suddenly, a ton of beams kept coming out of his hands for two whole minutes.

When the smoke cleared, the Windmaker was on the ground in a ball, he got up and stated, "you gotta do better than that." And he made a tornado and shot it at the ninjas.

"Fight fire with fire," W.R.K. said, stepping up to fight the Windmaker, "White Wind!" Suddenly, out of his hand, shot wind, blowing him upwards, when he was up really high, he started flying again, and then shouted, "FIRE ICE SHOWER!" Then, suddenly, dark clouds formed overhead. It rained fire and ice for five minutes, the Millennium Ninjas were not affected, and Gray Winner created a protective cocoon over the students at the school.

When it was over, the Windmaker was singed a little, but was relatively unharmed. "You wanna REALLY do something to me now?"

"Sure," Black Warrior grinned, "Nightshade." He suddenly disappeared completely, only Gray Winner and W.R.K. really knew where he was. The Windmaker's eyes widened as he was punched out of nowhere, and then kicked to the ground hard.

"Nightshade," Black Warrior said again, and appeared suddenly, with his arm on W.R.K.'s shoulder.

"Ready?" W.R.K. asked.

"Of course," Black Warrior replied, "Blackmist!" Suddenly, a black mist appeared in front of Black Warrior, and he reached into it, pulling out the black scimitar with the engraving 'Blackmist' on it.

"Iceflame," W.R.K. said, and a small red and white tornado appeared in front of him, he reached in, and pulled out his read and white sword, with the engraving 'Iceflame' on it. He then held it up to his headband marked '4'.

Black Warrior and W.R.K. went back to back, and put there sword and scimitar up, out, and down and together, then out.

"Automatic!" The two ninjas said in unison, and their weapons flew and started attacking the Windmaker.

Chapter Four

Beating the Windmaker

"What?!!?" The Windmaker shouted.

"Nightshade," Black Warrior said, and went behind the Windmaker, and punched him into the swords, and it was over. The two ninjas returned their swords, Gray Winner spoke his words in Janin 'eelo, ees neenjo eelo', healing everyone, and they all got together in a circle.

"What now?" Jon asked as they all changed back to human form.

"We need to make a pact," Mike said, "to always be faithful no matter what, to defeat the enemies that come our way." Mike put his hand in the center of the circle.

"I'm in," Tom and Stephen said together, shoving their hands on top of Mike's.

"Me too," Chris said, also putting his hand into the center of the circle of the seven.

"Count me in," Jon and Brandon both said smiling and putting both of their hands into the circle.

Rob looked around at the other's faces and grinned, "well, I guess I'm in, no matter what, until the end."

"Millennium Ninjas!" They all shouted together.