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SUMMARY: Angelina is the school nerd, always dressed in those 50's dresses . . . big . . . drab . . . plain ugly. Rejected from the social life at school, she spends her days working hard for her grades that are beyond spectacular, up to the final year of high school. Tormented by Ted since elementary, she hates everything to do with the best quarterback and basketball star to come along to Johnston High, located on the outskirts of LA, near Santa Monica. On a bet, Ted is to seduce Angelina. He's playing with her heart, but does he know he's playing with his own? What happens when everything goes wrong, and he has to watch his love with another?

. . . . . . . .


~ Catch and Shock ~

Gathering her long, gray dress, she bundled it up at her lap as she tied her shoelaces together. Dusting off her worn sneakers, she stood up and

let go of the bundle, letting the folds of her granny dress tumble to her ankles. She grabbed her backpack and set off on her two-mile walk to school.

She trudged uphill, the pavement slick from yesterday's spring rain. With her violet orbs, she looked down, avoiding the other pedestrians eyeing her

dress and baggy T-shirt. Her long auburn bangs shielded her downcast eyes, reaching her shoulders while the rest of her waist length hair was tied into a

bun. As she walked, her face was downcast in sullen air. She had reason to be sullen though, as you would see the moment she stepped into Johnston


As she walked down the crowded hallways, people "accidentally" bumped into her, laughing as she continued walking. Girls with faces caked

in makeup made snide comments about her . . . as they did everyday. After reaching her locker, she felt a stinging pain across her chest, as she was

banged into her locker. Turning around, she faced Ted Johnson and his new girl of the week. She looked smug as one finely manicured hand wove

around his waist, his muscled arm rested heavily across her shoulders. Glaring at Ted, she turned back to her locker and heard his irritating laugh sound

as people cooed him.

"Hey nerd!" Ted called back at her, "Yo geek! I'm talking to you here!" Spinning around in anger, she raised her steely glance to his cocky

sapphire eyes. In her head, she was going, "What the hell does he want? Every day, since kindergarten, mister all-star center and quarterback

over there has been bugging me. What the fuck does he want? I hate his attitude, strutting along as if he is the best thing around. Well damn him,

because the only area he's good in is in the muddy field, like he should be, that pig." Normally, she hardly even thought of swear words, but in Ted's

case, everything comes out.

"Catch!" Breaking her train of swears, she gasped as a muddy football made way to her, crashing on her dress, sending a stinging jolt through

left leg and mud all over her dress. Cursing his existence, she hurriedly wiped off the mud as best she can, and then running off to be the best student in

the school, starting with her first class. Rushing in, she took the seat reserved for "geeks" like her, front row, dead center. She loved all her classes, but this

one was the worst, cause in all her other classes, her one and only friend sat beside her, smart as can be. She missed learning along-side Cassidy in this

class, and the fact that this was the only class Ted and three snobby cheerleaders were in made it worse, not that she didn't love Science, especially

since currently they were studying Health and the Human Body, helping her prepare for her future career . . . a doctor. After ten minutes, Ted staggered

in, his hand resting on Samantha's ass . . . the head cheerleader. Turning away in disgust as the teacher gave a light scolding, unable to watch him

get away from everything just because the football team depended on him as human depended on air. "Let him fail and get kicked off the team."

"Johnson, take a seat. As I was saying earlier, the end is near for the topic we are studying currently. As you all know, there is going to be a huge

project on it. Now, this is how we are going to do it. I have already picked your partners, and then, one of you will come up and draw a piece of paper

with the theme of your project on it. No two slips are alike, so by the end of the four weeks allotted, we will walk into a classroom with fifteen different

projects. Ok. Here are the partners." As she listed them off, she listened with rapt attention. She hoped it was with someone smart like her, and would

not tease her too much, like practically everyone in the class. No such luck as she heard Mrs. Feline name her partner, "Angelina Mason and Ted


. . . . . . . .

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