Hey people! So busy with school! Who has a good site on the mathematician EUCLID please send me it! =) Here's the next chappie! To all my friends who know what I like to do with my stories, smile, cause it is going to be so . . . ironic.

Angie's POV~

I couldn't believe it . . . I couldn't work with the guy that made my life miserable, not that others hadn't. I agreed completely when Ted's sweet

voice sounded out from the back, "Mrs. Feline, can I change partners? I don't think me and Mason click."

"Now Ted, you're almost failing this course. Angelina is our smartest student, and I'm sure she can help you as well as make sure you pass your

test so you can stay on the basketball team this season. You don't want me to get you kicked off now do you?"

Sullenly, he nodded and turned to his left to make out with Samantha. She was using me! That blasted teacher! She was using me to keep Ted on

the team! How could she!? With another sneer of disgust, I walked up to the bowl full of strips and pulled out a piece. Unfolding it, I uncovered the

words, "THE BRAIN." I smiled within me, the words lighting a curiosity within me. . . one that was quickly extinguished by the reminder of Ted in the back

of my mind where I had shoved him. The said boy was in the corner, glaring at me as I talked to Mrs. Feline. Grumbling, I turned on my best smart

student smile and asked Mrs. Feline sweetly, "Mrs. Feline? I feel quite awkward paired up with Ted. Is there any chance I can change partners?"

"I'm sorry Angelina. You can't this time. Now go and discuss how you want to do your project with Ted." With that, she walked over, and

dragged him to a corner table, while motioning me over. Shuffling there, I handed Ted the slip and sat heavily on the chair, smoothing out my dress. I

looked up to see Ted smirking at the paper then sneering at me. The nerve of him, I thought, and wondered whether I should work hard on this project

or just get a lousy D or something. I could afford it. I mean, god, I'm getting a mark higher than A+ if that's possible. I got so many extra credits, I didn't

even know how many. But did I want to? A fail is still a fail, and did I really want to see the disappointment in Mrs. Feline's face. On the other hand, I

could get Ted off the basketball team for now. Argh! I don't know what I should do! Clearly, my frustration was dancing across my face when Ted

started chuckling in his, I-am-better-than-you voice.

"I know what the fuck you're thinking little granny. You're thinking about failing this project or not." He spat out, brushing a large hand through

his carefully spiked blond hair. "Hate to . . . no wait, LOVE to break it to you, but you're plan to try and kick me off the team won't work you know. So

what if I get an F on this project. The school will keep me on cause without me, their whole winning streak will go down the drain, and they will hate

you for it. If you fail this, what do you have to gain? A try to get me seated, but a try that won't work. What will you lose? A completely GOOD mark,

along with what little friends you have in the school, AKA teachers. If you get the "A" you want, you'll gain the teachers' love even more, a good mark,

and you will lose a try, which obviously will not work anyways, to seat me."

"Nice to see you actually have an ounce of brains in there."

"Nice to see you agree."

"Fuck you."

"Nah. I already got all the fucking I need for the day before school."

Throwing him a nasty look, I turned around, stared at the slip and asked, "So, what are we going to do for the project?"

"A survey on the best sex moves. I can personally test them out on the girls at this school."

"What does that have to do with the brain? Whatever. You can do it on your own."

"Already have geek."

"Bastard. Anyways, where are we going to meet?"

"We? Since when did I become part of the work?"

"Since you agreed to not do a solo project."

Realizing what I said was true, he nodded then fingered me. Throwing him a dirty glare, I shut up and stared at him. Still collected, he merely

said, "Fuck you bitch. Who in the world wears granny dresses every single day man? It's fucked up. You're fucked up, walking around, sucking up to

teachers. Wonder what else you've sucked?" then without a chance for me to reply, he continued, "Wait, I'm sorry. I didn't realize bitches like you don't

even know what that means, let along do it. You're so old fashioned, you wear you're dead great-grandmother's dresses probably."

My violet eyes flashing with anger, I trembled with rage that was broken when the bell rang. Tossing a note on the ground, he walked up and

left, then grabbing Samantha to make out again. Picking up the note, it read:

My place @ 6 today (only time available so if you got a problem, deal with it) Address: 6176 Huron Mews Number: (310) 457-6889

"Huron Mews huh? Wow, that's a rich neighborhood. Well, since I did all my homework already, a few hours wasted in shit company won't hurt." With that, I walked to my next class.