By Jennifer
Moonlight streams down from heavens afar,
Purity a dancing, a single mar
To what is life . . . to what is soul,
To what it is that makes us whole.
This ponders me as I ponder thee,
Lost in the truth of life as I see.
There's a rustle in the rushes, a rustle in the trees,
Something more magical than that of a breeze.
Scanning the sight set before my eyes,
I see something wider than the skies.
Something larger than earth and larger than life,
Something so cold and unreal, it cuts like a knife.
The darkness engulfs it, yet it battles with vigor,
Inner light shining bright and as if on a trigger,
A blast sweeps the world, away on its feet,
Blasting my soul, while my heart skips a beat.
As I gently step forward, into the clearing,
Not daring to believe the magic I'm hearing,
Nor the shimmering sight that my heart is seeing,
Is it thee, a mystical being?
Pawing the ground, tossing its mane,
I walk slowly to it, slowly in vain.
He drops to the ground, knees to the soil,
Head on my lap, a symbol so royal.
One of hope, and majesty,
One of love with purity.
His spiral horn of which I trace,
Gleams and shimmers with certain grace.
My fingers run through his mane,
Releasing my heart of all its pain,
As feels of calm and love overtake,
While silken velvet through which I rake.
Deep within his eyes, the moon reflects bright,
Dancing on its silver hooves with all its might,
Upon his horn, of purest pearl,
Ripples descending whirl on whirl.
Blinking, silver lashes part,
As I stare deep into his heart.
His eyes, so deep, so dangerously immense,
Captures my soul, so cold and intense.
Empty of hate, of all earth woes,
Eternity is all that it dares shows.
Along with a tear, it painfully sheds.
I see heaven's blues, greens, and reds.
Yet hidden among eternity, everything swims,
Everything imaginable, until it brims.
From heaven to earth, and all around,
Galaxies and knowledge to it is bound.
The old and new wraps me up tight,
Closing my heart from the sight,
From the sorrows hidden within those eyes,
Whispering, shouting, thousand silent cries.
Those eyes are the windows that shows all,
The past, the present, and what the future shall call.
And staring into it traps my soul,
Until I'm there, and now longer whole.
Encircling my arms, I pull him tight,
Burying my face in clouds of white.
I cry into his ear, stroking his mane,
All I used to feel is now in vain.
The lights slowly dim,
And the colors swim.
I grab him tighter, not letting him fade,
Not letting what makes us humans shade,
My life for even one more day.
Yet, against all, he went his way.
What once was solid, now is thought,
As life's hidden truth is widely sought.
Here I am, holding together my shattered heart,
Yet, it's chipped, for within his eyes, lies a part.
He once was real,
To touch and feel.
Now is he there for me to hold,
Or gone from the world, the world of the cold?
Sitting in the clearing, warmth is gone,
Holding my sides, filled with wrong.
Moonlight streams down from heavens afar,
Purity a dancing, a single mar
To what is life . . . to what is soul,
To what it is that makes us whole.

Poets Note: While writing this poem, I thought of the existence of
unicorns. This poem is basically, a summary of what unicorns feel like,
look like and what they are. It talks about how we believe that just
because we cannot see nor feel something, it does not exist. The virgin
saint in the poem is holding onto what her heart tells her, during a time
when unicorns still "existed" and slowly, the image fades, as people lost
belief in it.