The new day was just as boring as the one that had passed. Jessie's alarm rang at 6:30 exactly, the annoying buzz waking her from a very good dream. Yawning, she turned off her alarm and went back to sleep.

"Wake up, Jessie! Come on! You're going to be late for school!"

Moaning, Jessie turned around and came face to face with her mother's angry scowl.

"Not you again," she said, mumbling.

"Stop it! Now go get ready." With that, she stormed out of the room.

Jessie's sleep-weary eyes slowly opened and she surveyed her domain, as she liked to call it. Getting out of bed again was something she didn't fell like doing, not one bit. She knew that today would be the same as yesterday, and now that Nama was mad at her, she really didn't see what the point was to take the warm covers away from herself and go to her cold room. But for some reason, she had to do it. So she did. Growling and cursing, she got dressed in her most depressive clothing possible, and went down to breakfast.

"Eat some toast! You're going to die of hunger!"

Her mother was there again, always on her back. Never a moment of peace, never a little second when she wasn't screaming at her to do something else. Then again, Jeannine wasn't her real mother. Or at least, that's what she liked to believe. By rights she was, since her birth mother was a teenager, but she liked to believe that someday she'd find her real mother, even though she wasn't very proud of her mother for having abandoned her there.

"School bus! Her's your bag, your lunch, and now you owe me something!"

Jessie pecked her mom on the cheek and ran outside, just to see the tail- end of the bus drive away. Cursing, she started walking instead, knowing that she would be at least ten minutes late for school.

She finally arrived at the gate, and swung it open. It creaked, just like it always did. For some reason, she was annoyed at the creak. It was always there, doing it's job, creaking, and yet it never got fixed, or oiled, or anything. They just let it creak. She slammed it shut and headed to the main door. That too she slammed, just to hear the satisfying echo in the empty hallway.

"Late again, Ms. Milton! You seem to be making a habit of it, my dear."

Standing in front of her, arms crossed and detention slip in her hand, was Mrs. Banners, or Evil as Jessie liked to call her. In any case, Jessie considered her as her nemesis.

" It's another detention for you, Jessie," she said, scribbling on the slip. "Come see me in my office at three-thirty." She handed her the slip and headed off to patrol the halls.

Jessie crumpled the paper and shoved it in her pocket, then headed to her class, dragging her feet. She knew that the second she walked in, everyone would stare at her, then she would have to explain out loud why she was late, people would snicker, Nama most of all, and then she'd go and sit down and be bored for five hours. Sighing, she opened the class door and went in.