This is dedicated to ZiggyGurl who gave me such sweet reviews for both Music and Life and For the Game… This is actually a translation of 'Le Rêve'. I like the French version better but, oh well, it's not easy translating poetry! Anyway, this gives you an idea of what my poem was about.

By Araanaz

It's been a while
Since my feet have touched the grass
And I fly, and I fly
But how long will it last

It's been so long
Since my eyes have looked around
And I wonder, wander along
With the beasts I have deep down

I drink out of nothingness
I grow roots on illusions
I hold my dreams above this mess
That imprisons all my passions

It's been a while
Since I have broken my wings
And I fall, but still I fly
My dreams held up by the four winds