Do you know how I feel everyday

My sadness and depression will never go away

I try to hide it so no one can see

All my emotions that run through me

My depression is like a monster that feeds

Feeding on emotions or what ever it needs

Slowly it devours my soul away

I wish it would leave me and never to stay

But it will never go and let me be

My soul will never be eternally free

I have lived like this through all my life

I grab a knife and start to slice

Slowly I watch my blood run down

I slowly start to fall to the ground

My mother picks me up tight

Wishing how things could be right

Then she starts to cry

As she sees her little baby dies

I call her to me and whisper in her ear

My depression is gone and no where near me

My soul is now eternally free

She leans down and kisses my head

As she cries because her baby is dead