Tears of an Angel.
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PART ONE: Do you love me?

Angels don't cry. To cry is a symbol of unhappiness. And in servitude to God, who could be unhappy? Theses were the thoughts that ran through the Angel Michael's head as tears ran in rivulets down his cheeks. His heart hurt so much that it was killing him. He knew that how he felt was wrong. But, he also knew that his love would never be requited.
An Angel will never fall out of love. Before God even created his Angels, he made for them a predestined love. However. Somewhere along the way, something had gone terribly wrong. For, Against the wishes of God, Michael secretly loved someone who could never be for him.
The most beautiful Angel in Heaven, the most kind, and infinitely wonderful Morning star.


Michael turned in his sleep, muttering the name of his desired. In his dream, Michael was so close to the beautiful Angel. Almost on top of him. While Lucifer was unaware of his presence. He was reading. Michael reached forward, and touched a strand of his hair, admiring the multi- colored strands in his fingers, shining in soft moonlight. Lucifer's hair was a fiery color of red. With shining gold, and deep brown strands that shone in every color. Michael could hear the sounds of the Choir nearby. He should have been with them, but he didn't care. He was with Lucifer. Nothing else mattered. Then, Lucifer turned to face him. He laughed in his joyous perfect, beautiful voice, and then threw Michael to the ground. At first, Michael was pained. That he would do that, but he soon realized Lucifer's intent. The taller, more muscular man let himself fall out of his bench, under a drooping weeping willow tree, and, like water, he slithered all over Michael's body. Kissing him. Touching him. Everywhere. Even the grass parted for the two men. The moment was perfect. Lucifer brought his face up to kiss Michael's, and bombs went off in the dark haired Angel's head.. And then. Every thing stopped.

Michael woke, and he was in his bed, him, along with a sticky substance.. He began to blushed furiously, even though no one was in the room to see him. He got up, in shame, and went to wash his sheets. After that was done, he robed himself. The state of Michael's robes was. Special to say the least. They were neither flashy, nor unfashionable, and they were tight. These robes, which Michael did adjustments for himself, were one of the only ways he felt he could get Lucifer's attention. Though the attention Michael got was never the seductive kisses, and groans of wanting that he heard in his dreams. But, the responses he got were more than enough for him to continue dressing that way.


"You look good Michael."
Lucifer commented as soon as he saw Michael that day. He reached out to touch Michael's soft mahogany hair. Michael's hair was like the darkest, starless night Lucifer reflected. He watched as the other Angel blushed and averted his gaze.
"Th-Thank you."
The bright sunlight, and the shadows of trees masked Lucifer's smile to anyone who would have been watching. While Michael saw nothing but the ground. Lucifer's arms bristled with goose bumps as he let his hand brush by Michael's when he dropped his hand to his side, he didn't even see the other Angel shiver in utter delight. Michael hesitated, and then spoke.
"Lucifer I-."
Michael began his carefully prepared speech, but Lucifer wasn't listening. He was staring into Michael's face, looking at the shadow patterns that the old dogwood tree above them places on Michael's face. He only half heard what the other Angel said.
"Eh, Pardon? I wasn't paying attention."
Lucifer looked into the other man's eyes. Michael looked to the ground again.
"I'm. Sorry, it's nothing. I forgot."
Michael swallowed air, as Lucifer received the slightest notion that it may have been something important. Though he retained his thoughts for the moment to himself. He took Michael's hand, and started to run to the Choir hall.
"We're late!"
He gave his (quite valid) excuse to the other man as he dragged him along, never letting go of Michael's hand, and Michael never letting go of his own. They ran. All the way to the Choir hall, where they could already hear the Angels singing. Rapheal's low alto, and Ora's high soprano. They would miss Lucifer's low bass, and Michael's strong alto. Though the two men, so exhausted from running, were in no shape to sing. Lucifer let go of Michael's hand, and placed his on his knees bent over breathing hard. Michael, who barely ever ran toppled over on top of Lucifer.


Lucifer caught Michael mainly with his body as the smaller man fell on top of him. He'd been run too hard. However, for Michael if it hadn't already been Heaven for him now. The place he was at the moment surely was. Lucifer pulled him onto his lap, and touched his face.
"Are you all right Michael?"
Michael didn't answer for he was lost in the most beautiful green eyes. He loved to hear the sound of his name on Lucifer's lips. He'd never been this close to the handsome Angel, and the newly felt proximity was near intoxicating. The world swayed before Michael's eyes. Lucifer was worried about him.
"Michael. Michael!"
He shook the other man slightly, but there was little response. Michael's eyes drooped slowly but surely, and Lucifer was sure he was going to loose consciousness until Michael reached up a hand to touch his face.
"Lucifer. Do you love me?"
He asked as he played with Lucifer's lips drowsily.
"Because I love you. An I have for a long time."
Lucifer struggled for words..
"Do I love you.?"


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