Tears of an Angel
Part three: Fall from grace

Now as far as Lucifer knew. Of humans, and gossip, Gay sex SHOULD have been pretty easy. Pointy thing goes into but, and if he was lucky it would all turn out fine. As one could see. Lucifer's studying for how he was going to make love to Michael was. Going badly on the whole. He was almost on the verge of dressing up like a human and trying it out on them. But then again. Michael would NOT have thought that was in any way Kinky. So, the love of Lucifer and Michael stayed secrete, and the torment of Michael had just begun.
The two, and anyone who kept ties to this subject, discovered that lesser Angels were exactly like humans in the sense that they fear that which they do not know. AKA: A gay Angel. Scorn followed Michael where ever he went, and after a while, the young man slipped into a solitary life in which he rarely left his room, or the forgotten gardens of heaven. There were some, Raphael, Gabriel, other Ark Angels that would attempt to put a stop to the crowds, but they could not be everywhere that Michael was, and Nashidora seemed to be where he was normally.
Whispers, and laughter would follow the "sodomized" Angel where ever he went, and Lucifer began to hit a breaking point. God would not do a thing about the torment that Michael suffered wordlessly through everyday of his eternal life. Lucifer cornered Michael one day. In his room.
"Why do you chose to suffer like this?!"
"I do not suffer! You are here, so I do not suffer anymore!"
Michael touched Lucifer's cheek lovingly. He did not care that he'd lost any 'friends' he'd ever had. He didn't care that others scorned him. He especially didn't care that Nashidora had taken to telling rumors that he'd been with demons and ghosts. There was something about Lucifer.. He was like some wonderful drug that made everything better. His touch, his reassurance, his voice. Everything about him was perfection in itself.

But while Lucifer would have liked to have it known that he was in love with 'the gay angel', Michael would not allow it. He begged, he whimpered, and he even threatened his love. The dark haired angel was determined to go through this alone. And he would not let the masses torment Lucifer like they did him.
Though. Lucifer's perspective on this was slightly different.
"If there are two of us, they will just leave us alone!"
"No, they would not! It would make them hate you, and they would not speak to you my love, I know. And I do not wish to take you away from them."
"What if I do?!"
Michael hushed his morning star. That was his nickname for his lover. His morning star, because Lucifer's hair shone like the morning sun. Lighting the darkness of Michael's life. Though he neglected to tell the fiery angel the last part.

And thus it stayed a secret.

Lucifer indiscreetly held onto Michael's hand as they walked through the weeping willow tree's garden. It was a place only accessible by flight, and the willow did not allow those with cruel intentions in her domain. Like said previously, the willow was an old and hard spirit. But it liked Michael, and thus it liked Lucifer.
"You'll stay with me forever. Will you not? Lucifer?"
His words were true, but there was something else brewing in Lucifer. Anger. With Michael, Lucifer felt many things he had never felt before. Love, ethereal happiness, his first tears of frustration, helplessness, and the prevailing emotion, his bane. Anger.
Lucifer was angry at the world, he was angry at the other angels for being horrid to his lover, he was angry at Michael for not letting him come out to the other angels, and most of all, he was angry at God for letting Michael's torment continue. He felt his rage build within him, wearing his insides raw without release. He would not snap at Michael, but anyone else was fair game.
Especially Nashidora. The younger female angel had been at the mercy of his rage more than once. And soon the other angels had complained to the Ark Angels. The highest beings in heaven aside from God himself. And quickly, he was confronted by both Gabriel, and Raphael.
"Lucifer. There have been complaints."
"About what?! My attitude? I know."
"Are you going to do anything about it?"
"Because I do not wish to. They deserve the lashings of my tongue."
"Because they do! Do not question me for I will not tell you!"
"What are you angry about."
"Shall I lie or just be silent?!"
Lucifer felt his muscles contracting, like they often did before he blew up, and his fingers started to tremble.
"You would lie to us?"
Gabriel and Raphael were stunned.
"Would you lie to God?!"
"That would depend. On the question he asked."
"Come with us."
The two Ark Angels turned on their heels and began to walk in the direction of the chambers of God himself.
"Am I to be punished for being truthful?"
Lucifer snapped.
"No, you clearly have a problem, and you shall tell it to God."
This was his chance. This was Lucifer's chance to tell all of Heaven how he felt, and Michael couldn't be angry with him. He couldn't cry to him because it wasn't his fault. One cannot lie in front of God. A most grievous crime to lie to God it was, and Lucifer had not plans on doing it.

You are angry.
"Yes, Lord."
Why, my child?
"Do you not know? Or are you testing me Lord?"
Please tell me.
It is said that even the best laid plans of mice and men must come to waste, and not all things go as planned, the bottling of his rage for so long turned on him. Lucifer felt his eyes narrow dangerously. As he glared at the glowing white deity before him.
"You know. You know how the other angels treat Michael, and you do nothing."
What the angels do to Michael is.
He began to shake with rage. For the first time ever, God himself was interrupted. 'Is not my concern.' was what the lord was going to say, and Lucifer would not let him finish it.
"It IS your concern! HE IS AN ANGEL, HE WOULDN'T BE THIS WAY IF NOT FOR YOU! If we are all your children then why do you allow this!?"
My children have free will.
"Free will to torment someone for your mistake?! If you do not do something about this, then I will."
His voice was deadly, devoid of any emotion other than hatred and scorn. The entire hall was silent. Lucifer was making a stand. He was challenging God himself. For fairness, for equality. For his love.
"You are an inept and corrupt ruler of Heaven, and I cannot stand by while you allow this."
Lucifer began to walk towards the high lord of Heaven. God, and just before he got there, a blinding white light banished him to the end of the hall, and for the first time in his long angelic life, Lucifer felt pain..


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