I am the girl who goes to your school, you know the one. The pretty one, the "perfect" one. Hair as golden as a mid-afternoon sun in July, eyes the color of turquoise pools, endless in their depth. My skin is unmarred by scars or blemishes, as pure and untouched as a young virgin.

Who am I, you ask?

You may see me sitting at a lunch table in the cafeteria, surrounded my peers, never alone. I pick at my scant salad with delicate fingers, perfectly manicured.. Acrylic, of course, to hide the dirt and grime that lurks underneath. I am your stereotypical preppy girl, the head cheerleader dating the quarterback of the football team.

I am not like the rest of my friends. I do not make fun of you, put you down, or hurt you, for I am the people pleaser. There's one in every school, the girl who everybody loves, no matter what the clique. I am the one who stands up for you when you trip and fall flat on your face, I am the one who yells "Stop!" when the crowd laughs and jeers.

Who am I, you ask?

I am the one who wears the expensive jeans – Calvin Klein – and a perfect size three. My family has money, and I, always the model student, friend, daughter, citizen, spend this money not on myself, but put it in charitable organizations. You want to hate me for being so "perfect", but you just can't find it in yourself to do so. I am the girl you hate to love.

Who am I, you ask?    

The girl who stays after school, participating in her various activities. Cheerleading, the school musical (I've landed the lead, of course), the school's gay-straight alliance, to name just a few. You wonder why I am so lucky to have been blessed with these gifts, the talent to write, to sing, to act, and to paint. You think it comes naturally, and who am I to correct you?

I am the person you come to when you have a problem. I am the student body's shoulder to cry on, carrying the burdens of not only myself, but my family's, my friend's, and yours too. I never complain or bat an eyelash, I take it in stride, like everything else. I love to help out, and you love me for doing so.

My teachers adore me too, for I am the first to raise my hand to volunteer, the first to stay after school to tutor students who aren't as lucky as me to be on high honor roll four quarters straight. I spend my after-school hours with my nose in the books, studying, working, for I must not let you down.

You think that you know me, and you love what you see. But who is it lurking inside this perfect body, clad in the latest styles, setting the trend? You don't know who I am, for you have never met the real me.           

And who am I, you may ask?

My name is Façade.