Y'know... who knew that my life would turn so much like it did?

One day, I was just a normal kid... well... I'm just twenty, but wouldn't you see yourself as a kid at that age? Anyway, one day, I was just normal kid. The next, I'm being chased. How did that happen? Why did that happen?

Okay, I'm being stupid here... perhaps I should introduce myself. The name's Ashura. My friends called me Ash, since people couldn't figure out if the pronounciation should be "Ah-SURE-Ah" or "AH-shurah". Really doesn't matter to me, as long as they don't call me something stupid. As I said, I'm 20 years old, spikey red hair (don't ask. I started out brown haired.), and brown eyes covered with blue contact lenses.

Anyway, the whole day started normally. I woke up, ready for my next day in college. Not thrilled about it, but, hey, I needed it. After getting dressed (nothing big, really, blue jeans, black t-shirt, tennisshoes, my black jacket with white stripes down the sleeves.), I headed for my car, a light blue Chevy from 1989, and went on to college.

Arriving there, I did what I usually did on a normal day: got a quick biscuit for breakfast and headed to my first class, namely English. Arriving there, I headed for my seat, and got my stuff ready.

"Why, good morning, Ash!" a voice called out. I turned around to see one of my classmates sitting down. "One of the first again, eh? You need a life." I grimaced as I heard that. It was true, I really don't have a life. I was happy with I did best, namely drawing and reading. Then again, when the people you knew of had like long, elf-like ears, animal-like features and the like, you feel left out.

Yeah, you heard right, my world's odd. Some stupid accident caused people to mutate all over the world. Some were not that big, like long ears. Others were wild changes, like taking animal-like apperances. Some say I'd probably look like a hedgehog if I had changed. I dunno what the hell they're talking about.

Anyway, the day went on the same way it always did, boring, until it got to lunch. Sitting down with my lunch, I began to eat until...

"CRYSTAL-LIS!" a voice called out. I turned around to see who I thought was the beautiful girl around. A cute, Japanese 19 year old girl, she wore her usual school uniform she brought back from Japan, which was comprised of a white jacket with two white stripes on its blue collar, a white blouse and a knee length dark blue skirt. The only thing that really stood out from her was her purple hair, red eyes and the cat ears and tail. Sure, she was one of the transformed people, but she was so beautiful. I turned to look at her and smiled.

"Uh...heheheh...hi?" I said, sheepishly. She looked down at me, a frown on her face. Without saying anything, she walked past me, her tail whapping me upside the head. Regaining my composure, I let out a sigh. Probably the only thing that stood in my way of actually talking to her was the fact that she was one of the populars. Oh, well. I could dream, couldn't I?

The day went on normally from there, went to my normal classes and got ready to head home. Getting to my car, I found the thing vandallized! It was egged, the windows were broken, tires popped.

"No, no, NO!" I yelled. "Maan, no! I barely had the money to BUY it! Now I gotta ride the freakin' bus!" I knew it had to be one of those little circles that tend to attack the less popular people. I shook my head and made my way to the bus stop, something I hadn't used since I got my car. I looked at my watch to see the time. "Hmm... man, I musta missed the last bus. Well, got another...what? 45? 30 minutes?" I shrugged and headed for the seat that was placed near the stop.

"Excuse me, sir?" I heard a voice call out. I turned to see two people, one male, one female standing behind me in black business suits.

"Uh, yeah? Oh, is this your seat?!" I said.

"No, no, nothing like that. We want you to come with us." the female said. This little thing caused little bells to go off in my head.

"I...I'm not in trouble, am I?" I said, worried that I was, like I witnessed something I shouldn't. Maybe this was about the time I tripped and sent food all over one of the rich kid's clothes. I remember him vowing that I was gonna regret that.

"Oh, no no no..." the male said. "Our company, Syntechnologies, is testing something and we like you to be one of our participants."

"R...really? No joke?" I said, still skeptical.

"No joke." the male said.

"Well...alright. I have nothing else to do." I said.

"Good. You won't regret it." the female said. All of a sudden, I wish I turned it down.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------

After a few minutes, the three of us reached Syntechnologies. They tend to just call themselves "Syntech". I heard about them. One of their biggest missions was to find a way to help cure the transformations. Many people didn't like that idea. They'd rather just stay that way. Syntech didn't care, really. They were trying to help out anyway they could.

As I went through the halls, I began wondering why I was chosen. I'm not one of the transformed. Why did they pick me?

"Excuse me, sir. We're here." the female said, the three of us reaching a door that said "CAUTION: EXPERIMENTAL TESTING. DO NOT ENTER WITHOUT SPECIFIC PERMISSION".

"Huh? Oh! Thanks!" I said, shaking the cobwebs out of my head. The door opened to show a room with a number of doctors, a chair like they had at the dentist's and a table with a number of pills. The suited people shoved me in and the doctors placed me in the chair, strapped me in, and hooked various devices on me. "Hey! What the hell is going on?!"

"You're our test subject for a new drug we're developing." a doctor said. He held up a syringe with a greenish-blue liquid in it. My first reaction: panic.

"A-A-A NEEDLE! NO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT A NEEDLE!" I shouted, eyes wide. The other doctors held me down as the first doctor stuck the needle in a vein under my elbow. He injected the liquid into my body. "What did you do to me?! WHAT DID YOU DO?!"

"The drug you've just been injected with will, should it work, enable your own transformation. It's something the military wants." the doctor said.

"WHAT?!" I shouted, defeantly shocked. Before I could protest anymore, a sharp pain shot through my body. I screamed in pain and horror as it felt like my body could just explode. And then... I blacked out.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------

I came to some time later. How long? Who knows? All I know was that I was in a cramped space, and it was moving. From the carpeting, I guessed I was in a trunk. As I fully came to, I began thinking about what those doctors did. Before I could think anymore, the movement stopped. The trunk opened up and I saw the two suited people. It was a bit hard to see them, seeing as it was now night.

"I...Impossible!" the man said. "He's alive!"

"Yeah, I'm alive! What did you jerks do?!" I yelled at them.

"You already know too much." the woman said, both of them pulling out guns. "I'm afraid you have to be put down."

"What?! Hey, can't we just talk about this?!" I said, freaking out.

"No." The man said. Before they could fire, a trash can somehow smacked the two in the head, knocking them for a loop. Taking this chance, I jumped out of the trunk and made a break for it. It didn't take long for the suits to come to and begin chasing me.

And this... this is where you caught me at. On the run like a common criminal.

"Get back here, you little brat!" the man said, firing his gun. I was already panting as I began weaving around various alleyways. Pretty soon, I hit a dead end. As I began to panic, the pain shot through my body again and I collapsed, passing out. The last thing I heard before going out was, "A survivor... good." With that, I was pulled into a sewer.

As I was pulled in, the two chasing me stopped in the alleyway I was at.

"Damn! He's gone!" the woman said.

"Don't worry about it." the guy said. "He'll probably end up dying. I doubt his system could survive the serum."

"I hope you're right..." the woman said.