Heaven Sent
Poem by: Andrew Troy Keller

It was on Monday,March the 22nd,when Toby Blake
And his friends arrived at the cabin by the lake,
In order to do some fishing and have some fun.
But just as Toby's about to go soak some sun,
He had spotted something that was truly not a fake.

His eyes grew wide,for he was able to see
A woman who was indeed a Kirsten Dunst type beauty.
But then,after he had asked for her name,all
She gave him was a kiss and said,'Sarah McCall
Is my name,Kind Sir.Wanna look around and see
What else could also be found next to the lake?'

And then,after he thought and decided not to make
A total fool out of himself,Toby said,'Okay,Lady.
I'll go,but I'm not one of Mister Mike Brady's
Kids.'And with that,they've walked down to the lake,
Where they've spotted a rowboat with the words 'Ladyfish' on it.

Just then,after they had found a place to sit,
Both Toby and Sarah had looked at each other for
A minute or two--and sure enough,that was before
They've kissed each other on the lips without any spit.

Then suddenly,after Sarah's able to let down her hair
And realized that both she and Toby really do care
For each other,they had placed themselves in the boat
And began to enjoy an erotic moment without one goat
Standing next to the boat and giving them a stare.

Several minutes later,after they were finally done with their moment
Of sensual pleasure,they both had realized that they're meant
To be together for many years to come--and Toby
Looked at Sarah and asked his new love to be
His wife.It's a marriage that's indeed so heaven sent.