Year 1194 A. D.

"Why are you goin' away?" the young princess asked.

"I'm goin' away to live with me husband. I love him very much," the maidservant replied, as she continued packing her things.

"But he lives far away!"

"Aye, the Scottish Highlands are far away, but mighty beautiful, I've heard."

"But the Highlands don't have me!" the princess continued.

The maidservant stopped in her packing and looked at the little princess. She noticed how her lower lip had started to quiver and her brows were creased tightly together. "That they don't." The maidservant then hugged the little princess. Even though the maidservant was barely a year over eighteen, she had practically raised the six-year-old princess. "I will miss ye, Your Highness."

"Don't leave, Beth!" The little princess finally let the tears she had been holding free.

"Me husband wants me with him. He's a good man. Ye'll understand one day." She relinquished her hold on the princess and crossed the room to get some more clothes to bring along.

"Take me with you then." The princess still persisted.

"Ye know I cannot do that. Ye have many duties around here. Ye are the only living heir, right now."

"But Papa hates me. He wanted a boy; he won't care if I'm gone."

"Yer Papa loves ye something fierce, Your Highness. He just can't show it. He's king; it's supposed to be like that."

The princess shook her head vehemently but decided to keep quiet on the subject of her father. Instead, the room dipped into a silence while the princess watched her maidservant pack her things.

The maidservant was a pretty girl for her station. Her light hair was secured in a single braid trailing down her back. She was also very petite, with small curves to show her womanhood. But her eyes were her defining feature. They were the feature that had captured her husband's interest in the first place. They were a stormy gray that stood out against her pale skin surrounded by thick, dark eyelashes.

When she was finished packing, she turned to face the little princess. "Ye be a good lil girl fer ye new maidservant and tutors?"

She nodded.

"Don't cry, Princess," the maidservant gently chided, "one day we will meet again. 'Til then, God bless." The maidservant hugged the little princess one more time before picking up her things and quitting the room, leaving the little princess to watch her silently. The little princess stood motionless and quiet, not knowing the important role the woman would one day play in her life.

* * *