This is as random as fuck. Blame Flotom for writing the most random lines that I had to rhyme to. And, no, I didn't type "What problems worms have!" twice, I just couldn't be bothered to think of a word that rhymes with 'have'. Please R&R.

The Wriggly Worm

There once was a worm that was wriggly

Who dances with a… jiggly.

His name was Mr. Stinjy

Because he was so goddamn stingy.

He ate some bread and drank some water

But he did not grow; he became shorter!

And turned into a dwarf.

To Dwarfs Anonymous he went back and forth.

The famous dwarf worm

Had his daily amount of sperm

To become very horny

He had to stop being so antisexual and corny.

But this made him very sad

So he went and had a shag.

And afterwards he had a fag.

His penis became a bit itchy

And his wife's Chlamydia made her bitchy.

What problems worms have!

What problems worms have!


Oh shit; I need to peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

And perhaps a poo

Into the very eager loo.

I have an overactive anus

Just like my dead worm, Mary McManus.

Oh no! A bird is coming to eat me!

I must flee! I must flee! Over the scree!

Bloody fucking bird; you wanker!

I hate you! I hope, one day, that you smell like a conker!

Sill cockerel, blackbird thing

My masticated body, oh, my intestines (in pain) sing!


Ouch. My pouch. I don't have one? What? Pouch???

That verse was too long.

What? What did I do? Blame that worm's intestine's song.

Or his itchy penis.

O his itchy penis…………………………

As great as Venus.

And the great worm called Keanus McMeanus.

What's with you and McManus?

Seamus McManus loves Kiana McManus.

Tap tap tap. What's wrong? TAP. Honestly!

Flap. Flap. Flap. Wheeeeeeee! The worm is so full of honesty.


Worm rap is crap.

Luxurious, munching man eating peanuts.

And worms eat monkey nuts too (don't' forget the monkey's nuts!)

Monkey's nuts are tasty! Mmmmm.

"We came to see the Mobscene! It's so fucking obscene, yeah!" says the wormmmm.