by battousai24

Boredom once again
Covers my whole room
The feeling of nothingness
Again, comes to me

The fatal kiss of ennui
Once more tempting me
Threatening me with its toxic lips
Forcing me to drift away

Ennui locks its arms around my neck
Holding me tight and close
It's only a breath away
I close my eyes and pray

I pray to no god at all
I only hope and wish desires
And even though I know it's useless
It gently tries and calms me

Tightening the chains that bind me
Ennui still stays close
It's begging me to give in to its desire
It's desire to take me away

Into the deepest depths of insanity and boredom
This seductive creature will take me
If I let it do as it wishes
I'd be locked up there

Entangled with its slender body
I start to drift away
My dreams start to surface
The kiss is just too near

I snap myself back into reality
I stop the fatal kiss
The alluring eyes of ennui
Is looking straight at me

It seems as though it's looking at my soul
Trying to find the pain and emptiness
I close my eyes and take a breath
I open them, again, it's almost there

The kiss is persistent
Although I would not change my mind
I shall not drift away with ennui
And live in its eternal world

Holding me even closer and tighter
Ennui seduces me
I almost give in to the temptation
I almost allowed it to give me the kiss

Suddenly, a stunning sensation fills me
I've fallen too deep in thought
The desire of ennui, finally accomplished
My reality will be forever gone

The fatal kiss, I finally took
The toxic lips are now on mine
The alluring eyes closed like my own
The chains that bind me start to fall

Then, so sudden, so much pain
The chains abruptly choke me
The arms of my entrancing ennui
And its body embraces me

No more air left for me to breathe
I can barely feel the strong wind blowing
Neither can I feel the coldness and droplets of rain
My body feels numb as I slowly and painfully drift away

In this world of boredom
I shall now live forever
My reality, my freedom
Now, forever gone

I lie down on the cold damp ground
Beneath my alluring 'beloved'
I am a captive and these heavy chains prove it
My 'beloved' ennui, with its fatal kiss, will never let me go