Gracefully stepping,
In tune to the night,
Swirling and flying,
Amongst the sun's light.

Particles of stars,
Glisten down on you,
Follow your own steps,
Do what you do.

Dream the thoughts,
Of your mind,
Make them reality,
Let them fly.

Be in touch,
With yourself,
Dancing poetry,
What you felt.

They may burden,
What you do,
But beauty it is,
Not only to you.

I see your love,
Of the music inside,
Don't do what they say,
Don't let yourself hide.

Dance the steps,
Which flow to your feet,
Ignore your mind,
Let them think.

Follow the grace,
Of the falling rain,
Your poetry of dancing,
Which hides the pain.

By Siobhan
Date: 23/March/2004