Chapter 1

A lone wolf howl was heard through the crisp, dark night. Silence immediately followed the lone cry. The howl caused some of the night creatures to cringe and hide in fear, most ignored the sound, but one creature took interest.
A giant white tiger, with pale blue stripes, lifted its great head from its kill. Blood drenched the white fur on its face. The beast's ears perked up and turned in the direction of the howl. Its green eyes glittered like jewels in the night, as it pondered what to do. Snorting in disinterest, the magnificent cat went back to its meal. It didn't care about the howl, but not for long.
When it was partially done with its meal, the tiger heard the baying of hounds and shouts of men. With a snarl, the tiger stood still and quiet as death with its ears laid back. The great beast was ready to fight or flee. It jumped in shock as a giant wolf creature came barreling through the trees towards the cat.
The wolf creature was not looking where it was going, and it slammed into the giant tiger. They both went down in a tumble of fur and cries of anger and shock. Tiger and wolf rolled to stop a few meters away from the tiger's kill.
Green eyes met stone blue eyes in surprise and anger. With quiet snarls, both animals tried to untangle their limbs. Suddenly they stilled and quieted down, this was because they both heard the baying and shouts of hounds and men. Frantic now, cat and wolf struggled even fiercer then before.
Finally untangled, wolf and cat jumped apart and eyed each other warily. The tiger's head jerked in another direction with its ears perked up. The wolf creature watched the giant cat with a wary ere. Its eyes widened when it heard the low growl from the cat.
The wolf creature looked on in confusion when the tiger turned and dashed off only to slide to a stop, and turn back in its direction. Wolf creature stood in shock as the big cat stopped in front of it, and the cat was nudging it to get it to move.