Stupid poem I wrote in a fit of depression. *sighs*

The perfect girl

should have a thin waist

the perfect girl

is sinew



she should have breasts small and high

resting above a cage of ribs.

Play a tune on her xylophone ribs;

you and she make beautiful music together.

The perfect girl

does not have

soft pillow breasts you could get lost in.

Does not have shapeless curves,

does not have a thin waist,

or xylophone ribs.

She does not have

Soft arms,

or curves instead of lines.

Her legs do not meet in an imperfect "Y".

Soft is weakness,

soft is curves,



Perfect girls are hard and angular,

with little cone breasts,

tiny little waists,

xylophone ribs,

pit of hunger deep in her concave chest.

I am not perfect.

I am soft.



I am damaged goods.