The moonlight reflecting off the rippling water,
The velvet sky sparkling with diamond stars,
It is beautiful.
Her dress flutters in the cool breeze
As they stand below the enchanting twilight.
She stares into his eyes, deeper than a thousand oceans, smiling.
He offers his hand to her,
They glide in each other's arms,
Dancing to the music of the night.
The moon sings, the water hums its harmony,
The rhythm of their hearts beats as one.
The night slips away,
They don't even notice as the sun peaks out of the east,
Illuminating the sky, golden and rosy.
And they slow down...
She steps back, never moving her eyes away from his.
He slowly leans toward her,
Don't hold back...
Their lips gently meet, and they're flying,
Gliding above the smooth water,
Dancing with the rising sun.
It's like magic,