Here For You

You no longer have to worry about a thing
Because it is of thee I sing
Life like falling from the Eiffel's height
Yet I'll show you how to fly free like an unstrung kite

The drug is knowledge of self -- yourself you can help
Dive out of the ocean and its entangling kelp
Rise, rise with the power of laughter's cure!
You do NOT have to be who you always were!

I am here for you
I'll strike the match upon your tender-box of a heart
Let YOUR light shine, too
Together we all can bring together heaven and earth
You just have to open yourself up to this tune

Bully for you! Bull headed for you!
Start with your heart and follow through!
Empower you with IM power
Shoot you into The Universe with AMOR as the gunpowder

AMOR means, "love all as The ALL loves Us"
ROMA is backwards, live evil, won't you trust
That inner voice that is speaking the same Word
Vibrate with this vibrant vehicle and you'll be cured

I am here for you
To guide you out of the dark woods of the World
I can help you help yourself to
Straighten yourself out of the fatal fetal position, curled
In the end it is all up to you

Unglue your eyes
See past the lies
Unblock left AND right ear
The deceptions you too can hear
Unfold your mind
See past this space & time

I call upon the Light
With it the Truth is Right
And love is easy like the rain falling down
Let the reign of the Lyin' King crashing down
Rush like blood to the head

So, now can you see?
Can you hear me now?
Can you understand this?
It is not "I" that said all this - instead WE did.
All are responsible for all.