by Paperclippe

I saw you again
For the first time today
Sometimes I wish
It hadn't turned out this way
To me, you're a ghost
And angel, maybe
And I'm praying to God
You'll have nothing to say

I try to walk passed
Just stroll on by
Without a glance
Or a look in your eye
Down the street, coming
I look to the sky
Down the street, gone
Without even goodbye

I open my front door
And put my keys down
I try not to think
About passing in town
I sit in my chair
And don't make a sound
I think to myself
"Will we ever come 'round?"

We can't face the truth
Both harshly refused
To feel for each other
Left feeling used
I play with the ring
I'm slightly amused
That I even still wear it
After all we've been through
Physically, mentally,
Emotionally, too
The ring that you gave me
Looked better on you
And as I fall asleep now
My thoughts in the blue
I bid you goodbye
Farewell, and adieu