True Beauty

He looks out the window,
The sky and clouds so grey,
Drowning him in sorry,
And ruining his day.

She looks out the window,
At nature's true salvation,
And she thinks of tomorrow,
Of flowers bathed in sun.

He comes to this deep rut
In the road he goes,
And he just takes the shortcut
Around the hole so low.

She comes to this delay
In the path she chose,
But she won't go the short way,
She works, and she gets through.

He gets by on lying,
Fake smiles, breaking dreams.
He thinks the world is dying,
Like it's ripping at the seams.

She looks into herself and
She finds the truth inside.
A child's laugh, a happy end,
From her, beauty can't hide.

True beauty lies within,
Look with the heart, for the eyes are blind...