I typed this for no reason, and it is completely RANDOM!


"Just because I've got a short attention span doesn't mean........"

"If your brain was a llama, what would you be??? A LLAMA!"

"Freaky dead monkey named Jack, no not you we named the monkey JACK!"

"I've got a lovely bunch of cocoanuts!"

"If you really care you've got problems."

"Have you always wanted the thin fuzzy hair on your legs???WELL, NOW YOU CAN! Buy 30,000 bottles of our product, at 4 payments of 19,000.00$ each! Fine fuzzy legs will be yours!" Note* - side effects include- may be turned into a rock, severe brain/memory loss, and fuzz in places you don't want it. WE GRANTEE NOTHING!


"Cheese is your friend, if you don't like it you can LEAVE!"


If that wasn't random then this world is beyond hope. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!