by battousai24

Never ending pain fails to cease
A cold night makes my body shiver
The wind pierces through my skin
But I slowly smile in delight

Everything I feel is pain
Nothing matters anymore
I feel myself getting numb
As my sanity fades away

My mind drifts away somewhere
But still my figure stays
The cold, the rain, the blood, I cannot feel
Nor the sky, I dare not see

The night fades away
And soon the sun shall rise
My forever despised scenery
Appears before my eyes

I look away as the sun starts to rise
My numb body, cold as ice, slowly melts away
The warmth from the sun covers me
And my mind and sanity comes to me

Still, the pain fails to cease
I've realized, since then, it's eternal
The darkness still covers my mind
Although it doesn't seem

The sun is up
I simply walk away
I go about my usual tasks
As if nothing ever happened yesterday

Soon, the sun will set again
And I dread the scene once more
I don't look away, but I close my eyes
And when I open them, the darkness is settled again

My beloved darkness,
I see you again
Bring me to my insanity
My life, my wish, it'll all end here

Tonight is my last hell
I shall forever stay in slumber
My forsaken soul will drift to hell
And my life would slowly succumb