A/N: It's a really stupid poem... but hell, I wrote it anyway. I write stupid things, so hell, I don't really care. I don't even know why I bother to write things.

Behind A Mask
by battousai24

Underneath perfected innocence
A cold-blooded demon dwells
Awaiting a mere mortal
To drift into this darkness

Beneath childish happiness
There is a cold winter rain
Never-ending violence, a storm,
To drown out the intense pain

Hidden deep within playful smiles
A tear ceases to fall
Unknowing and ignorant
To it's master's pleading call

Although tearless and invulnerable
Imperfection resides within
Although demonic, or even god-like, it may seem
This creature is merely human

Immortal, this silent dragin may be
All that can be seen isn't all that's real
What lies within is the wanted truth
The unsheltered and needed inner soul

Underneath perfected innocence,
Beneath childish happiness,
And hidden deep within playful smiles
Is the me behind the mask

It's stupid, I know. It's partly rhyme and partly not. Hell, I don't care. It was stupid from the beginning anyway.