© battousai24

Flames engulf me as I venture into hell
My soul, in this state of darkness, leaping for joy
Although fearful of what may happen,
My forsaken soul ventures farther into the flames

Unbearable heat almost hurt me
But I continue on toward no where
Looking around for other lost souls,
But I find no one there

Dark shadows of nothingness
Flutter around violently
The curtains of pure evil
Soon enveloped me

Tongues of fire, everlastibg,
My eyes widened slightly and amazed
Touching them with slight hesitation
Yet I feel no pain

My eyes turn crimson
As the flames draw nearer
The temptation to stay here forever,
As great as my unbearable pain

Now I sit here, alone, curled up like a ball
My soul in this state, a state called hell
My physical body, no where to be seen
Yet the thought of life is nothing I can bear

Negative thoughts form in my mind
Ill thoughts and doings, I haven't yet done
Wishing I'd get all I want
I'll stay here, forever painless

Lonely I may be, I don't mind it at all
My tortured soul, never hurting here
My tears of loneliness won't ever fall
As long as I am here

Eternal loneliness, I shall forever have
Yet the pain of nothing doesn't exist
There is nothing to feel in this God-forsaken place
I shall never die again

These pathetic thoughts run through my mind over and over
Although they're annoying, they're true
My body still feeling slight numbness
Yet never hurting more

Flames engulf me once more as I rest
No day or night here, no eternal rest
Evil forbids me to be pleased
Although everything it gives is pleasing