A/N: I just thought I'd try something different for a change. It's seems so stupid though. But R&R pls.

by battousai24

A much awaited time of day
This scene approaches with such beauty
With all the colors of warmth
It appears and seems so soothing

Orange, red, and yellow altogether
Make such a prefect vision
As the sun soon sets
All comes to see the colors and their majestic fusion

The alluring scenery catches all attention
And the scenery from the beach is just wonderful
No words can describe the feelings it gives people
It heals the broken hearts and the thoughtless become thoughtful

Romantic, such a scenery surely is,
With the warmth from the sun
And the coolness from the breeze
It's as if it won't be gone

But isn't it ironic
That this same scene can depict death?
The setting of the sun, the transition to darkness,
It can mean it's the end of life

The warm soothing beauty
Is simply a mask for such a horror
The all too romantic illusion
Is nothing but a trap

But this is not the reason why I abhore it
There's more to the sunset than joy and sorrow
The thought of a new day sickens me
The sunset tells me one just ended

It would seem all too wonderful if it ended there
Wouldn't it, for me?
But the thought of the end of the day
Reminds me that there will be another one tomorrow

I despise the sunset, but all the more the sunrise
I hate its sweet warm gaze on earth
For I know that beyond that caring gaze
Is the unbearable cold, a cold-blooded monster

So when I hear the amused cries people give
About the sun in all its wonderful glory
I try to drown them out with the pain of my burning winter rainfall
And my eternal cold autumn hellfire