Jigoku E (Means 'To Hell')
by battousai24

This, once again,
Is my moment of insanity
Once more writing my thoughts
My pathetic attempts

Full of evil and pessimism
My literature, not a work of art
My blasphemous phrases,
Scandalizing all Christians

For now, I will write
Different from my past works
I will focus less on insanity
And more on something I don't know

My soul, in a state of fiery confusion
Distant from whatever god that may exist
My insanity, in the state of the same torment
Darkness befalls upon me abd the rain pours

To eternal suffering
I shall bring you
In my state of mind, now,
I shall bring you into

In these fiery depths of punishment
I shall share what I see
In this forever lasting evil state
I shall hold you captive for eternity