A/N: Ok. This is just a stupid thing. About cutting because of regret... again.

Crimson Regrets
by battousai24

I cut myself once
I feel the slight pain
I cut myself twice
And the blood flows like rain

I cut myself thrice
And it's still because of you
I cut myself four times
I'm still mad at you

I cut myself for the fifth time
And it's still 'coz of our break up
I cut myself for the sixth time
You can't make my pain stop

I cut myself for the seventh time
I'm still madly in love with you
I cut myself for the eighth time
I still won't let go of you

I cut again, the cuts are nine
I still remember that hell night
I cut once again, the cuts are ten
But I'm not saying this is right

I cut another, it's now eleven
I'm still holding you close
I cut one more, now twelve
I cut one last time...
Shoud I have kissed you one last time?

Ok. It was forced. I wanted to try something that rhymes, but look what I did, it's stupid.