Two sides of the coin (Have you seen?)
Who in this world really knows you?
Can those around you say they do?
Have they seen you when you're up or down?
Have they seen you smile or frown?
Have you seen my other side?
The one which keeps all my pride?
My anger, my pain,
The bitterness, disdain
Have you seen me when I cry?
When I wish that I would die?
No you haven't because I hide it.
I shut it up and throw away the key.
I keep it quiet. Nothing can be shown on the surface
Nothing can be given away.
But buried beneath a wave of smiles it emerges
Will you notice it?
The bitterness in my eyes?
The spite in my voice? Each time I let my guard down.
Have you felt the longing I feel when I am around her?
Have you felt the pain when she stabs me again and again?
Some times it rises to the surface,
To pit against each other
Love against hate.
Forgiveness against the bitterness
Pride against humility
Compassion against self
Who will win?
Would you help?
My friends how often have I seen you cry?
How often have I been there to help?
Two sides of the coin.heads or tails
Which side do you let people see? One side or the other...