A Short Story

When He Said He Loved Me

By Jedi Blu, Lady at Large

Three little words, so simple that even a mere infant can manage to stumble through them, and yet the thought behind them so complex that millenniums of scholars cannot quite explain it.. It was this simple phrase that brought my world back into focus, and took the shattered fragments of dreams, dusted them off, and rebuilt them. From this phrase, these words, I rebuilt myself into a stronger person. I was no longer vulnerable to the outside forces of self-contempt, greed, jealousy, shyness, or fear. With these words, I became free.
How could he ever know what he had done to me? What a great change he wrought in so little time? He couldn't. Perhaps he never would. But I knew it, felt it, breathed it, lived with it every moment after he uttered those magical words! The tone of his voice, the look in his eyes, the way his arms felt around me, had given me reason to believe he spoke the truth.
My world, my heart, and my soul had been shattered so many times! I had been used to rebuilding the walls of faith, hope, self-appreciation, and dreams on my own. How many times did I beg for help from a mortal friend? Yes, I have always had My Father to guide me, lift me up, and protect me. It was enough. But He saw fit to bless me with someone else, a dear friend, an angel disguised even from himself as a sixteen year-old, arrogant, gangly boy-when I first met him anyway. The deception was carried so far that I thought him annoying at first. Needless to say, he grew on me.
A friend-to have one at last! Even if he did enjoy tormenting and teasing me so much! He was just being himself, he did not know.. But that is not important now. He did not need to know, it was not meant to be at the time. We were to be friends, best buddies, and I was one of the guys. I refused to become the little sister, however, and drew the line at being a 'guy.' It was a tough line to draw. I tried to come through for him, give him advice, and he learned where my limits were. I was the closest friend he had. I still am, I am told.
The time came, not so long ago, when something inside of him changed. He kept it a secret, as I had kept mine, and took me quite by surprise. I was not ready for it, but he turned on all the charm, he swept me off my feet. But still, what I had felt so long, he did not yet dare utter. That was all right. He didn't need to-he was enough.
But he did, at last, announce those words that I had kept a secret. He had to be the first, I had decided, it had to be his idea to speak them! It was. He had done so much for me, to go this one step further made me wish to fly, if only I had the wings! Did he know what he had done? Not at first, I don't think. He discovered it later.
Whether he knew it or not, he had made me stronger, made me free. He had also made me weaker, and put a tie to me that would not easily be undone. I could survive anything now; it was easier to get past the hurt, to forget painful memories. But I knew it would be that much harder if I ever had to say goodbye to him. Thankfully, that time has not yet come. The strange bond that was so delicate, and then grew with our friendship and age, still holds together now, perhaps strengthened by those wonderful words.
The future is still a dark place; my mind cannot quite comprehend what will happen there. I don't know how long he will make the journey with me, but even if it is only a few more steps of the way, how wonderful those steps will be! When the time comes when he releases my hand, when our path splits whether for a time or for eternity, I will be able to smile. What he gave me will forever outweigh whatever he may take. He rebuilt my dreams, he soothed my fears, and he touched my heart. Yes, he could dash it all to pieces, but he won't. Not on purpose. I know, because he told me with those simple words.
He has said the words many times since, each time sincere, sometimes with even more intensity and emotion behind them. I have given what I could, and I have said those words back to him, meaning them with my whole heart.
He said he loved me, when I needed love most.
I said I loved him, and I wonder if he has needed me as much as I need him.