During the course of writing this story, I had more help than I can ever properly acknowledge.

The number one thank you I have is to my beta, critic, writing buddy, and friend, Dare-Soñar. You officially, and forever will, rock my socks. I could not have finished this without your help.

To my number one fan Joelle. You are possibly one of the coolest, most avid readers I have and I hope you continue to be, and an even better friend. Without someone to read the crud I write, what good am I?

To Nick, even though I know you'll never read this, I want to thank you for helping me with my writer's block that one day. Who would've thought that the simple suggestion of writing about pie would ever come in so freakin' handy?

To the rest of you who helped me (Skye) and to those of you who read this, thank you from the bottom of my comma-loving heart (Nicole will get the reference).