Pills-Bury Dough Boy's fat belly
A possession to many of America.
McDonalds gangster - king of Hungry Man XXL
Is this the disease you want to quell?
The corporations are makin' a score!
Off our national army of fat people
Don't worry about the super-size degrade
Our obesity levels will escalate
The government starts VERB
Pins the rest on the FDA
Why is America so unhealthy?
Because unhealthy is BIG
They get more money
Now you're a pig
- Wishing to be pencil thin
Like those supermodels
Who are so perfect -
Wanna' lose weight?
See our economy smile?
We've got liposuction, Bally Fitness, Atkins diet, Slim Fast, Workout
machines, anorexia
All for you!
It's win-win ya' know
'Cause in a world like this
It has to be win-win
With an army of fat people
Artery clog, heart attack
From soda scares
And sittin' on your ass
As the economy rolls away with obesity!
It's America's army of fat people!
Watching starving Africans on their TV
Army of fat people
Susceptible to food - oh!
Army of fat people
It's a business, nothin' to it
Army of fat people
Army army army army.