Shifty shifty shifty eyes
Got the seat next to an Arab guy
On an airplane full of happy people
Who are proud to be American
"Do you think he feels like a minority?"
"He should, that filthy terrorist!"
Probably cutting deals for Al Queda
And getting weapons for Saddam
The people just spill their drinks
Gape with mouths to the floor
He's eating funny smelling food
He's face, his clothes
And disposition are crude
His actions must signal something
He's got his cell phone out
He's probably initiating a bomb
Like in some movie I can't remember the name of
Throw him down
Oh panic mess!
Stewardess coming out with a gun
Never fired it before
The hole in the window only proves it
Losing losing cabin pressure
Down down down down down
We'll ride round and round and round and round and round
We're gonna' crash!
I'll just laugh in the corner and say
Gee, that's ironic
Death is impending
The plane, gonna' explode
You want a bomb - just
Look at yourself
Look at yourself
Look at yourself
Your opinions are going to kill someone