Remote Control

Five months ago
A lone IM was the cause,
of a wonderful friendship
for two lives on pause.

Hitting the play button
two souls came together
Not knowing at all
their bond would last forever.

Fast forward to the good part
where feelings were shared
dramatic dialogue occurring
over their love and care.

Rewinding that moment
and playing it over again.
To always remember and cherish
the love that shall never end.

Never to push the stop button,
for love can never be refrained.
Sometimes you just lose the remote
but you'll always find it again.

AN: All right all this is it; you finally get to know who all these mushy
love poems are about. Well . . . it's Anthony Draconius, fellow co-writer
and my best friend. Almost five months ago, I was cleaning out my favorites
when I fell upon his name. Instead of taking him off, I put his screen name
on my buddie list and we started to chat. Well if you can tell, it grew
more then just the average Internet relationship. It grew it to a beautiful
and unbreakable love that I never have experienced before. And just a week
ago, I finally met him in person. Those two days I spent with him last week
were the happiest of my life. And today, we wanted to announce it to the
Fiction Press community (although we thought ya'll would have guessed by
now!) Mind you not all Internet relationships work, and it's a long
distance one. Be careful, not everyone is as sweet and loving as my
Anthony. So enough babbling. Now you all know!

If you want to read his poem announcing our love check it out. It's called
"Let it Show"

Thanks all and keep writing.