A/N: This is just a stupid fill in the blanks poem we had to make in school. My friend continued hers and she posted it. That gave me an idea. So I decided to put up mine here too. It's really stupid though. When I passed it, my English teacher said, "How... morbid..", her forehead wrinkling a bit. XP It's probably the shortest thing I ever wrote. I'll try to continue it like sweethatred did, if ever I have time. Btw, go look at her works, they're really nice too.

Crimson Death²
by battousai24

Dying is crimson
Like my own blood flowing from my cut wrist
It echoes in my room
Like an evil thought of pain and utmost hatred

It makes me feel numb
Like an ocean of icy water piercing through my skin
It makes me want to give in to my only desire
As my crimson death slowly takes my eternal loneliness away

Well... that's it. Short, but please review.