Author: Syrai
Rating: R-ish (I might trip and fall to write something bad)
Genre: Fantasy/Weirdish/Romance/Dramaish/Supernatural/Honestly?/I have no idea

Summary: Witches. Demons. Vampires. Humans. Love, hatred, romance, anger. If only the world we're living in was a different kind of place? Battle between different races has been going on for centauries and now it's time to bring an end to it. The group know as the resistance has decided to fight the evil with all their power but their power might no be enough. Evil and Good isn't always that black and white.

Note: This thing is rated R for foul language and upcoming sexual themes and violence.


So. Noticed I've deleted a bunch of chapters, did you? I know, I haven't written this thing for ages and there's actually a reason behind the fact - other than writer's block. I have been going through my old notebooks and stuff and I came to the conclusion that I'm not happy with how I've written this story and, well, that's bothering me to the point of preventing me from actually writing it further and I decided something needs to be done. Since I started plotting this thing when I was 13 and since it's been through many, many, many changes I feel I need to take some time off and start over, which in a word, sucks. But I really feel I simply I can't write this story before I get it all sorted out and therefore, I will go through the first chapters. The story is officially on hold and that's why I've deleted the old chapters. Ok. That's all.

Power of Witch – Part 1:


You never know when your life is about to change, do you? I mean you wake up in the morning as every other morning before it, you eat, you smile, you talk, you sleep, you breathe… There is no one there to warn you or prepare you for the moment that has yet to come. However there are signs for you to read everywhere, all over around you and every day of your life but either you're too young to understand them or too blind to see them. Or maybe something inside you just refuses to believe in them and you coldly ignore them.

But there is really nothing you can do to stop it from happening, no matter how hard you try to fight it. It's destiny after all. You will find out that the world around you is not what you have thought it to be and that those bedtimes stories you've been told as a kid are not in fact, just stories. New world reveals itself to you but you don't know how to feel as you are now on your way into this magical world hidden from unwanted eyes… but see, no longer are you unwanted, now you have become needed. The choice is yours but I doubt you can turn your back on it, it means too much to you.

And now that you've taken the step into unknown, there is no coming back, no turning around and no regretting on what you've done. Your past means nothing now that stories have become legends, legends turned into dreams and dreams... has become reality. Your reality.

'But is it worth it all', I hear you ask. 'Is it worth of losing a part of your life?' Losing a part of you, you may think but what you can't see is, it's not a part of yourself that you lose but it's a part inside of you that grows. It's in all of us, in you, in me… has always been but now it has turned out to be something more, something important. Now you are something different then you used to be.

You can't run from what and who you are, you can't deny what you are to become, what you are meant to be. And this, my friend, is why you are here today. To accept the plans nature has made for you and simply, to understand.

They say it's a curse, they say it's a blessing. They say that if they could go back and make that choice all over again, they would choose differently. But I'm not so sure bout that even though I know they mean it. What they don't understand is that after being witch awhile it's the only thing you know how to be and everything else… becomes irrelevant and the hidden world you say you hate becomes your home.

My home.

And no matter where you go, you always come back home for the ones you love.

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