Power of Witch

Chapter four: wicked game


What a wicked game to play

To make me feel this way

What a wicked thing to do

To let me dream of you

What a wicked thing to say

You never felt this way

What a wicked thing you do

To make me dream of you


It had been two days already and yet Dylan remained out of reach. Dina was getting not only extremely bored with nothing smart to do, but also a little bit worried about his brother too for it was not like Dylan not to call or send a message to her. He always, no matter what had happened let her know how he was doing just to make sure she didn't bother her pretty little head by worrying too much. Now he had done neither and it annoyed her. The lit fireplace was the only source of light in the big dark salon where Dina had retreated to sulk. She didn't have any actual reason, apart from boredom to sulk but it didn't really matter. She enjoyed herself there, lying on the big leather sofa acting all moody and playing her usual games with the servants. Though they were all hired by Dylan, there was only one purpose in their lives and that was to keep the little princess happy. And hers was to make their lives living hell. It was such a fun game to play.

"Brandy!" The loud shriek filled the whole mansion but it took awhile before she heard the footsteps coming down the stairs and through the hall. Lazily the mocha colored girl arrived into the room but didn't walk up to the one who had summoned her. Dina was forced to stretch her neck to see better over the back of the sofa. The black girl stood there at the doorway, arms crossed on her chest looking at her with a murderous stare. The stare only made Dina pleased with herself.

"Bring me a glass of red wine."

The order didn't come as a big surprise to Brandy who only snorted shaking her head slightly: refusing to follow the order. "Is that why you called me?" She questioned coldly. "Look Dina, they might fear you because of your brother but I do not. I am not one of your maids to be fooled around just because you're bored. I have a job here and I cannot do it if you keep distracting me by acting like a foolish child. And for your knowledge, I work for Dylan for he's sovereign, not for you."

Dina's eyes narrowed dangerously as she slowly stood up and placed her hands on her hips. They exchanged a poisonous glare. "Are you refusing to fulfil my request?" You're a lot harder case than your sister was I see, Dina thought to herself. Then again, she added in her mind, you're not madly in love with my brother, are you? Would make this so much easier if you were.

"Yes, I am. Go get the damn thing yourself, you spoiled brat."

"My, my, Brandy," arrogant voice said patronizingly from the hall all the sudden. Neither one of them had paid any attention to their surroundings so the interruption startled them both. Fortunately, it didn't take more than a second for Dina to get over it though. A rather vicious smirk rose to her lips for she knew who the interrupter was even before he got closer or spoke again. Brandy knew it too, however, her reaction wasn't nearly as pleased as Dina's. Brandy seemed to have stopped breathing and the look on her face changed as she slowly turned around to face the speaker a little farther behind her. Shit.

"Is that a decent way to talk to your employer's beloved sister?" The question the man -demon- had asked, was not to be answered. "You do realise that Lord De Saints would not be happy with that kind of behavior if it came to his knowledge, don't you?"

Dina could almost see Brandy flinch. "I'm sorry, sir. I'll be sure to mind my manners from now on." The look on young demon's face was priceless, at least Dina thought so. She could do nothing but observe Brandy's sudden change from the distance. It gave Dina a great deal of pleasure knowing the little demon was not invincible like she pretended to be. Quite the opposite, actually. Her voice had got quieter and much softer, a look of fear shimmering in her eyes. No devilish smile to be seen on her lips, no sign of satisfaction plastered on her face. This is how it's meant to be. Brandy was weak deep down inside and even though Dina didn't know how to bring that out, he sure did. She made a mental note to find out how he did it.

"Now leave," the voice ordered interrupting Dina's thoughtful moment. "And do what you've been told to."

"Yes sir," Brandy's voice was nothing but a quiet peep as she spoke with bowed head before leaving the room. Dina automatically noted the fact she rushed out of the room as fast as one possibly could and it amused her.

"Princess." Now the words were addressed to Dina, which only made her smile grew bigger. "Hey Bo," she gladly greeted her trusted bodyguard sinking down on the sofa again. He entered the room taking a few steps and stopped behind the sofa. "So, Bo, any news for me? Has Hayden contacted you? Dylan's ok, right? Sherry's with Dylan, isn't she?"

The flood of questions didn't surprise him; he had known to expect them. "Of course she is with him; she's his bodyguard as you know," the demon spoke with chiding voice, but she didn't mind. She never had and well, she probably never would. This was the one person she actually genuinely cared for, besides her brother of course… besides Rex.

"Though, now that I think of it, I think she should've stayed with you instead of that rude punk."

Dina's attention was brought back to present. "No, it's fine, really." Dina shrugged casually wrinkling her nose.

It was at that moment Brandy entered the room again with a glass of red wine on a silver tray. "Oh speak of the devil," Dina commented smirking. Brandy put the tray down the coffee table in front of Dina not saying word. However, Dina couldn't keep herself from speaking. "Why thank you Brandy, how sweet of you." The mocking tone made Brandy's insides boil but she didn't let it show. She bowed her head slightly and exited the room right away. Dina sighed heavily making a sad face. "Brandy just needs to learn who makes the calls in this household, that's all."

"That she does," Bo agreed sighing. She couldn't see his face was he was still behind her, but she could picture the angry flicker in his eyes. "Let's hope she's a quick learner."

"I very much doubt that. She's been here for months and yet she keeps treating me without any sign of respect. I do not like it." She took a deep breathe before continuing. Now she rose from the sofa onto her feet again and turned around to look at her precious body guard. "Back to the actual subject; what's my brother up to now, Bo?"

"Lord De Saints-"

He didn't get very far with his sentence, though. "Why on earth do you still call him that, Bo?" Dina questioned interrupting him. "You've worked for our family for centuries Bo. Why can't you just call him Dylan like everybody else? You know it only brings his father to his mind when people call him that. He doesn't like it that much."

The demon smiled lovingly but made sure she didn't notice it. Dina was right: as long as he could remember, he had always worked for their family. He had been the protector of the family for so long and never, not once had he felt anything apart from respect and fear towards them. But now, through the years he had learnt to like his young charge of his. It was the bubbling child-alike personality, the innocent little girl mixed up with a sinner that made him want to keep her save from the world. "I was not taught to do that," he answered finally. "Now, if I may continue-"

"By all means," she replied placing herself down on the sofa again.

"Lord De Saints-" He received a disappointed snort- "Dylan wanted me to come to tell you that he has found the keeper and that he's ready to make a contact with her. In fact, he already has."

She looked pensive as she commented the situation with her usual, cynical way. "As long as his contact doesn't mean having sex with her; I don't think Kyra would appreciate that."


"I'm not being sarcastic!" She rolled her eyes and sat up placing her hands on the back of the sofa. She lowered her chin to lean against her hands and her eyes met his. "We both know that it's Dylan's favorite way to make a contact with a female. It's only a matter of time before it happens."

Bo couldn't deny her words even though he wanted to.

"Besides," she continued, "he needs to soften Kyra up somehow. Can you honestly think of a better way than seduction, huh?"

Again, he found himself agreeing.


"I still can't believe he left without saying a word to me." Rex was leaning against the window frame in a large library on the 2nd floor. This was the one place he knew for sure Dina wouldn't enter and what he needed the most at the moment, was her absence.

"And I can't believe you're still mad about that." The answer was spoken with a bored voice with a little bit of frustration in it.

"That son of a bitch knew I wanted to go with him," Rex threw over his shoulder. Ever since Dylan had told him about his intentions to try and reach the girl through the dream world, Rex had begged his brother to let him be part of it. Dylan had, as usual, said he'd think about it, but even then Rex had known Dylan would never let him near the girl. Not because of Kyra, really, but because of the keeper… Gods, how he hated that girl. And he had only wanted to be there to see her capture, see her fear.

"Please let it go already! Dylan has his reasons, Rex." Brandy was sitting on the wide table, right leg over the left knee and stretched her body yawning. She was wearing beige boots, a skirt so short it made even Rex's breathing stop for a moment. Not to mention the white long-sleeved, almost a transparent shirt she had on.

What are you trying to do, Brandy? He cleared his throat. What game are you trying to play?

"I'm sure he does but I can't seem to figure out this particular reason."

"And why should you?" Brandy spat out harshly looking him straight into the eye. Suddenly she sighed and looked away shrugging. "Maybe you're just too young."

That hit the spot just like she had meant it to. "He's not that much older than me, so I don't think that's an excuse good enough," Rex commented turning around to face her completely. Again, she shrugged. "You're his brother, half-brother by blood but a brother by mind. Maybe he didn't want to put you in danger, ever thought about that?"

"Yes I thought of that," he started off nodding but continued with much more arrogant voice, "or then he wanted to keep Kyra all to himself."

They both knew that wasn't the case, however. "No he didn't", Brandy stated immediately. "Micah might've though."

He took a moment before he finally replied sighing. "I know... but what I don't know is why you're here? Why aren't you with him and Sherry? It's not like you and your sister to be apart for this long."

A smooth change of subject, Brandy noted but she didn't mind. She had been hoping for it actually. "Well someone had to stay make sure Dina behaves while he's gone, don't you think? Bo's back now though in case you're interested... so maybe I could go, I don't know. She's out of control and as I noticed few days ago it's not like I could even keep her in her place. Rather pointless for me to be here." Rex's whole body tensed as he heard her words. Damned woman, of course she had to bring it up. "If you're talking bout what you saw then forget it," he said demanding.

Her voice had changed completely when she spoke again. "I'm not sure what I saw, Rex." She sounded almost friendly which was more than alarming. Simply, because she wasn't friendly - she didn't have friends. She only had her sister.

"Care to explain that little moment of yours?"

Yep, so like Brandy to hit where it hurt the most. Rex admitted it had been foolish of him to let his guard fall like that but it wasn't his fault. There was something about Dina that made him get lost in time, forget where he was and why. Whether she did it on purpose or accidentally, he didn't know. Either way the results stayed the same. "It's nothing," he claimed after a moment of silence.

"Didn't look like nothing to me," Brandy objected giving him a meaningful look causing Rex to point her with his index finger in a threading manner. "Look Brandy, I rather if you didn't mention it to Dylan. As I said, it's nothing serious but-," he tilted his head amused smile plastered on his lips, "-let the lady believe so."

"So you're saying you're just playing around with her?" Brandy asked observing his every single reaction, but he was shielding himself a far more carefully now. "Yes," he said nodding.

She tilted her head. Did he actually think she'd fall for this act of his? "I'm not sure which one would make Dylan angrier, the fact you seem to have developed feelings for her or the fact you're pretending that you're just fooling around with her. Neither one pleases him, I'm sure." Defeated sigh escaped from him. It seemed pointless to fight with the demon - she never accepted failure and she'd keep baiting him, pushing his buttons all the way.

"Can we not talk about it right now? Don't mention it to Dylan or you'll be sorry, do you understand?" The look on his face repeated the words and she only shrugged casually. She wasn't really in the mood to fight, not verbally and not physically either. "Fine. Suit yourself, it'll be your death anyway, not mine."

Rex rolled his eyes deciding not to reply and so, instead, he asked: "Where is he?"

Brandy frowned before grasping it. "Who? Dylan?"

"No, the santa claus. Yes, Dylan?" He confirmed and the confusion in her eyes disappeared. "Oh, I In Boston I believe."

"First Dimension?"

"Yes, naturally."

Oh he should've known. That damned family had never lived anywhere else, not to their knowledge anyway. The fact he was a part of that family he hated so much, didn't make him feel any better.

Maybe that's truly why Dylan didn't take me with him. He was afraid I'd kill the bitch.

Dylan wouldn't have been completely wrong. Rex chuckled to himself. Though Rex would've never done anything to endanger their plans, he couldn't deny that the idea of killing the witch had been on his mind many, many times. To see the blood drain out of her body and to hear her whisper her last words would've made it all better. At least he loved to think so. To know he had been the one to kill her... Yes, it had often pondered upon his mind but at the same time, he knew he couldn't obey his fantasy yet. I'll get my revenge.

"So, how exactly did he find her?"

"He did tell you he'd try through dream reality, remember? The Dimension was rather easy to guess." She rolled her eyes snorting. Yes, what a stupid race witches were. " Or it could be that he sensed her in there."

"If he'd sense Kyra, don't you think he would've done this earlier?" Rex inquired and massaged his neck before stuffing his hands into his pockets.

"Not necessarily. There's always a reason behind his act Rex, have you not realised that? Every word he speaks has a meaning of some sort even though you may not understand it. You've known him for so long and yet it seems you know nothing important about him."

"He doesn't let me know!" Rex barked back angrily. Dylan had his own little world where he was not allowed to step in. "The only person that can actually open him is Dina, you know that."

"I know," Brandy admitted. Rex was right so there was no reason for her to deny it. Dylan tented to keep his thoughts to himself, there was no way around that fact. He wasn't what one would call a social person, more like paranoid and introverted little boy who didn't share his toys in fear of others breaking them. "So are you going to Boston now?" Rex's question woke Brandy from her thoughts. "Hmm? Oh, no. I'll wait. He told me to."

"You think he actually gets to her before the Resistance does?" The question surprised Brandy and at first she didn't know what to answer. "I'd like to believe so. Whether or not he gets her to come with him, is a another story to tell."

Right… No, Rex didn't doubt Dylan's ability to find the girl but he, however, did doubt his ability to get her to come with him. He could always throw him in the back of his trunk and speed away but it wasn't his style. Dylan would try to persuade her, convince her that she was meant to do something more than just live ordinary life; meet an ordinary man and build a family with him. No, there were so many things she was destined to do. Damn that witch. It was understandable, though - Rex knew Dylan wanted the girl to cooperate with him. Then it would be so much easier to make Kyra cooperate with him too.

Rex exhaled slowly. "So, did you say Bo's back?"

Brandy nodded. "Yes, I did. He's downstairs with that brat of yours." The mocking tone did not go unnoticed by Rex. Brandy had never got along with the young witch and usually it amused him. Brandy was simply too weak to handle her no matter how she denied it.

"Don't speak of her like that." His voice was commanding but it didn't seem to bother her. All he got was a frustrated snort. "What is it with her? Every male she meets turns out to be a sheep."

His eyebrow rose into a silent question. Was the demon calling him a sheep? "I'm going downstairs," he stated after a minute. "I need to talk with Bo." He was already on his way to the door when he suddenly stopped and turned to look at her again. "Where's Ares?"

"Ares?" She looked confused. "I have no idea whatsoever. If only that boy would be worth his name."

"Give him a break, will you?" Rex told with a strict voice. He didn't have time to listen to Brandy, little less her complaining. He wanted to do something, go break something or simply find Dylan to let him know just how frustrated he was feeling at the moment. So he added, "And while doing so; find him and tell him to get ready." It was like every sense of hers woke up. "Ready for what? You're going somewhere and taking that hybrid with you?" Rex gave her an irritated look. Couldn't the demon ever do what she was told without questions? "Oh don't call him with such a foul name, Brandy. The boy's efficient, which is more than I can say about you. Now, go."

She blew the air out of her lungs with force. "Ugh. Orders are all I get when Dylan's not around. You people seem to think I'm a slave of some kind."

"You're a demon, it should say it all," he retorted with a smirk - man, he enjoyed it. Few minutes ago Brandy had been trying to push his buttons by mouthing about Dina but now she was the one being annoyed. To every demon walking upon earth that particular subject was a soft spot. "Get over that childish belief of yours," she said angrily through gritted teeth. "We're not your slaves anymore, we fought ourselves free. We're equal."

Yes, that's what you like to believe. "You'll never be equal. Vampires, humans... your kind; you'll never be equal with us." He stated as matter-of-factly. "You depend on us."

She jumped down from the table not taking her eyes off of him. "Look who's talking!" By how she glared him, Rex was sure she was ready to attack him and rip him to pieces. It only made him smile and the smile did not calm Brandy down, quite the opposite. "Where would you be without my kinds? We've kept you save from the beginning of time. The least you can do is treat me with some respect."

"Like you treat Dina?" Oh yes, Rex just had to shoot it back at her. It was one thing for him to treat Dina the way he pleased and a completely another for her to do so. To Rex, it was his privilege and his only. To his big surprise, Brandy didn't back off. "You know," she started with such mocking tone that for a moment he actually thought of slapping her, "though her real name means a 'divine flower' I see her more as a weed."

Enough! "Shut your mouth before I shut it for you. Go seek Ares out and tell him I need to speak with him. And make sure everything's alright before Dylan returns with Kyra."

Brandy wasn't pleased with the situation but he didn't care. Dylan might have liked the devilish girl but he sure didn't. He saw right through her arrogant behavior which was something Dylan obviously didn't for if he had... by now, she would have been tame as an old horse. "Don't worry," the devil itself hissed sarcastically. "Isn't that why I'm here for? Who cares about the fact I've been hired to protect Dylan, not to make sure his household is running smoothly."

He turned to leave again but couldn't resist the urge. "And one other thing…" he glanced over his shoulder. He could see how she swallowed hard. When needed, he was able to make her fear him and that was all that mattered to him. "If you even look at her funnily I'll make you regret that. You treat her with the respect she deserves, am I being clear enough?"

Brandy nodded biting her lip.



There she was again, but this time, she was alone.

Dylan De Saints tilted his head as he saw the girl and breathed in her toxic scent. She smelled like apples and hot blood. She was walking rather quickly on the other side of the street, hands stuffed into the pockets to keep them warm. Every now and then she glanced over her shoulder as if to make sure she wasn't followed. Maybe it was a reflex of some kind, he wasn't sure. He wasn't sure why he had come here either. If he wanted to take the girl with him that bad, he could've had his servants to do it for him. Kidnapping her from the street wasn't too difficult task for them to accomplish, they had done it before. It wasn't needed for him to be there, but yet he couldn't force himself to leave. In addition, it was dangerous too, which was why neither of his companions was content. In fact they both looked very nervous and kept glancing around screening the area.

"I don't think this is such a good idea, sir." The other spoke with a quiet voice. "Me neither, sir. Why won't you just let us do it for you? What's the point of chasing her around like a cat when we all know that a cat does not always catch the mouse?" Dylan glanced at the two quickly. As so many times before, he couldn't help but note how the girls truly looked like sisters; black skin, black hair and sign of fear shining in their eyes. The fear for what might happen to him if they were caught by that ridiculous group of resistance. But they were in no way related for one was a demon and the other a cold-blooded vampire. The only thing they shared besides the dark skin color and fear was the thrill of the chase and a need to kill. Which was why they were so good together, a great team.

"I appreciate it, ladies, but I can take care of myself," Dylan said a hint of a smile on his lips. "At a moment like this, I do not need you to worry; I need you to pay attention."

Both of them yelped looking offended. "We are!" The other one exclaimed and received a hush from the girl next to her. She continued with a quieter voice as if she was talking to herself; "By worrying what might happen if we didn't pay attention." He glanced over the corner again to see where exactly was the girl heading to. "Yes, so we pay attention. Keeping you alive is what we're hired to do anyway."

"No," Dylan corrected automatically. "Doing as I say is what I'm paying you for."

"I think this is all Micah's fault," the vampire said suddenly, "He's inside your mind whether you like or not and he has a thing with her. But his obsession over her is putting your life on the line here. Let us do it, we'll bring her to you."

"I'm sure you would. After feeding from her, I'm sure." The reason why he had felt the need to make that particular remark, he didn't know. Could have had something to do with the fact they kept saying the same thing over and over again. And even though Dylan knew they were right, something inside of him couldn't let him give up. It didn't care whether he lived or died for it didn't need him, or like him.

"What do you take us for?" The demon wearing long leather coat hissed. "She may drink from humans and I admit I do enjoy their flesh but do you honestly think we'd hurt her knowing how important she is?"

Dylan let out a small laugh. "Correction my love, she's not important. The one inside her is."

They exchanged a knowing glance again which he easily caught. "Oh come on ladies, we better go if we want to keep up with her."



The song used: Song I used would be "Wicked Game" by HIM

Unit 1: Jared Moreau, Tara Delaney, Chester Bristow, Savannah Rodriquez, Kiaya Guerin, DeeDee Halliwell

The Blood Alliance's members: demons: Bo, Brandy, Sherry; vampires: Lori, dark witches: Rex, Dylan De Saints, Dina De Saints; hybrids: Ares

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World Levels - also known as Dimensions. The World Level our main character Trinity knows has been born like every other World Level there is. Universe's timelines got separated from each others and it formed thousands of different dimensions. It basically means that in every World Level (dimension) they live in different time but in same place - that means our planet Earth. All levels circles the Earth and those dimensions can be very similar to each other.

Demon - Creatures of darkness who feeds off of a humans (whether physically or emotionally depends on the race aka sub-type) Most demons are thought to be cruel, ugly, stupid and inhuman creatures but the fact is that demons can look like humans and be as sweet and loving as they can be cruel and evil though usually demons side with the Evil. The true form of a demon can be seen when entering the Hell's Dimension which is a dimension born from death and suffering.