Chapter 1: Ms. P

"Ack!" Carey screamed, "Just shut up already." Unfortunately for her, alarm clocks did not understand English, or if they did, chose to ignore her at that moment which did not improve her disposition.
"Stupid school, it cannot be August 25th already. I can't believe that this summer was that short."
When she finished muttering to herself, she dragged herself out of bed and toward the general direction of the bathroom, "If I have any luck, I'll have at least one friend in all of my classes, but with my 'luck' last year, I really doubt it."
"Carey!" her mom called out, "Hurry up, I have to take first day of school pictures."
"Mother, I'm in 12th grade now, don't you think I'm a bit old for those." She sighed and tugged on her black jeans and 'snowflake' shirt.
As soon as she put in her contacts and washed her face, her mom popped in the bathroom, took a picture, and ran out, laughing maniacally. "My family is so weird." Carey cringed, "Oh well, time for school, what joy."
She ran out of the house, seeing the flashes in front of her from her mom trying to take a picture.
"What the." Carey's next-door neighbor, Alex, stared questionably at the flashing lights.
"First day of school pictures, now let's go." Carey grabbed Alex's arm and dragged her all the way to the bus stop.
"What's up with your mom?" Alex asked, "She seems scarier then normal."
"I think it's that she's finally retired so now she can stalk me and gather all sorts of blackmail before I leave for college." Carey screamed, "Why can't this school year end already?"
"Um, Carey, it's just started."
"That's just wonderful." She sighed and ran toward the bus which was just appearing over the hill, "Off to school."
On the bus, Alex listened to her music as always and Carey stared out the window, wondering what this school year was going to bring.
"Everybody off." The bus driver shouted, "Have a nice first day of school."
"Yeah right." Carey muttered. She walked inside the building, looking for people that she remembered from last year.
She walked around until she gave up looking for people and decided to just go to her homeroom where she would get her schedule and see if any of her friends would be in her classes.
When she arrived in Mr. Douglass's room, someone put their hands over her eyes so she couldn't see.
"Guess who." A male voice said.
She turned around and saw a guy with brown hair down to his shoulders and piercing green eyes.
"Aaron, is that you?" Carey stared at him for a while and then she recognized her friend from the year before, "Your hair was a lot shorter last year and you had blue contacts, I can't believe you've changed so much from last year."
"I feel hurt." He mock cried, "It's only been a summer."
"Hah!" Carey poked his stomach, "Did you get your schedule yet?"
"Yes, and I got yours too," he smiled and said, "We have all of our classes except 2 together!"
"Which two?"
"You're taking drama while I have art for 2nd period, and you're in A.P. Spanish while I'm in German 4 for 4th period, but other then that, we're going to be together!"
"Oh my gosh, I didn't think that I was going to have any classes with any of my friends. What do we have first period?"
"English, and I think it's a new teacher, unless you've heard of a Mrs. P before."
"Nope. Where's her classroom?"
"Trailer 197, all the way behind the school. We're going to have such a great time this year! I still can't believe that we have almost all of our classes together."
"I know, it's so great!" Carey squealed, "So anyway, how was your summer? Anything exciting happen?"
"Not really, all I did was sit at home and go on the computer. How was your summer?"
"It was fun, I went overseas to England. I swear, everyone in England has a mohawk now, and they're all such weird colors."
"What's wrong with that? I have red highlights in my hair." Misty, Carey's best friend asked.
"Oh nothing, your red streaks look great in your hair, it was just.hey! I haven't talked to you in a while." Carey gave Misty a hug, "Do you have Ms. P for English too?"
"No, I'm just wandering around behind the school for no apparent reason. Of course I have Ms. P 1st period."
"Yay, now we're all together!" As Carey gave both of them a hug, Misty noticed Aaron blushing and wondered what was going on.
As they walked toward trailer 197, Carey and Misty chatted constantly about what happened to them over the summer while Aaron stood and just listened.
When they got to the trailer, they noticed that no one else was in the classroom. Grabbing seats next to each other, they sat and talked quietly.
People started filtering in; no one that Carey was really friends with, more like just acquaintances, until her ex-boyfriend came in.
"Ah, I see that the sleaze is in my class, I would think that I wouldn't be in classes with you, seeing how I'm much smarter then you." George laughed.
"I don't think so, I've beaten you grade wise ever since the 9th grade, you're still mad that I broke up with you last summer because you were too boring."
George stuttered for a little bit, and then turned and talked to his friends, ignoring Carey, which she was just fine with.
When all the seats were filled, the mysterious Ms. P was still absent from the room. The announcements came on and the principal stated the same thing Carey had heard all of her years at Calvert High.
All of a sudden, the door opened and a short woman with a hat over her face and a long coat came into the room.
"Um, excuse me," one of the students asked, "Are you Ms. P?"
"You can call me, Ms. Paar." She tore the hat away from her face and smiled at the students. In fact, Ms. Paar had taught Carey and other members of the class Spanish when they were in 9th grade, and then had moved to Germany because of secret CIA business.
"Ms. Paar, what are you doing back here?" Carey asked, still sure that she was dreaming or something.
"Who's Ms. Paar?" Aaron asked.
"That's right, you're taking German, you wouldn't know her." Misty and Carey shuddered simultaneously, "She taught us in 9th grade, she was an okay teacher, but she was scary, always talking about the CIA and what kind of weapons she had."
"Sounds like I missed a lot." Aaron smiled, "But this year, it looks like we get to face it together."
"Maybe we can survive this year better then we did the last time we had her, but what's she doing teaching English? She could barely speak it in our class."
"Now if you children would be quiet, I can explain to you exactly what I'm doing back here."
Misty, Carey, and Aaron blushed, not realizing that she heard them.
"That's better." Ms. Paar smiled, "I'm back because of a secret mission, and you children get to help me."
"Fun." George whispered sarcastically.
"The main fairy tales have all been changed. We need to act out all of these fairy tales and figure out why they've been changed and we need to fix that in our acting so it turns out the right way."
"One question." Carey raised her hand, "Why is it so important that we return the fairy tales to how they were before?"
"Because the fairy tales are all true, they all happened when magic existed and wasn't just something made up to please children. If we can't fix the fairy tales, then everyone who was descended from the characters in these stories, basically everyone in the world, will disappear. I was entrusted with a little bit of magic, just enough to pick the right people for the parts, we can't have the wrong people messing up our future."
"So does this count as a grade?" Aaron asked.
"Yes, if we save the world, everyone gets a 100%, if we fail, then we all die and you guys all get F's."
"That's just wonderful." Carey moaned, "I'll go home and go, 'Hey mom, I got an F on my report card, but it doesn't matter because we're all doomed anyway.'"
"Yeah, but knowing your mom she'd probably bring out the camera and go, 'My baby's first F, I'm so proud.'" Aaron laughed.
"This is serious business people, now the first thing we have to do is pick parts, everyone reach into this bag, if you have a blue hand you will be the heroine, if you have a red hand you'll be the hero, and so on. Come up to me and show me your hands so I can write down what part you'll play." She reached into her desk and pulled out a black bag with strange writing on the outside.
One by one the students marched up to her desk, shoved their hands in the bag, and brought them out. Some of them didn't have any color, so they got to sit back down and watch. People with pink hands were peasants and the like who didn't have a big role but got to do something.
When George went up, he stuck his hand in, and much to Carey's glee, he pulled it out and it was still the same color.
Finally everyone had gone except for Carey, Aaron, and Misty.
Misty bravely went first, stuck her hand in the bag and pulled it out to find that it was a deep purple.
"Bravo, we have our villainess, you can find your attire in that trunk over there in the corner."
Aaron tried to run away, but Ms. Paar grabbed his arm and stuck it in the bag, "Ooh, red. I suppose that we have our hero, there's a trunk for you in the other corner, it might have moved a bit though, these trunks have minds of their own.
"I suppose that I can just sit down then." Carey said.
"Oh nonsense, in all of our fairy tales there's a hero and a heroine, now just stick your arm in and."
Carey's arm was silver when it came out of the bag.
"Why isn't that interesting." Ms. Paar checked her list, "It doesn't say anything about if it came out silver."
"Maybe it means she's a freak." George and his cronies laughed, "Oh wait, we already know that she's a freak, must be something else."
"Hm, interesting, very interesting," Ms. Paar stuck her glasses on and studied the list carefully, "Here's a silver arm, but I'm apparently not supposed to tell you what it means, you'll have to find out by yourself. Right now though, since we need a heroine, that's what part you will play."
"What play are we doing anyway?" one of the kids asked.
"Sleeping Beauty. And how many times do I have to tell you, it's not a play, it's important to our very survival."
"So what should we call it then?"
Ms. Paar sighed and said, "Well, you can call it a play, there's really nothing else to call it, and that's what you can tell your parents and your other friends. Do not tell them what it really is, understand?"
"We got it Ms. Paar. We won't tell anyone." The whole class sighed, knowing that even if they did tell someone, they'd probably be locked away in an insane asylum somewhere.
"Good, now class." the bell rang, everyone jumped out of their seats, and ran out of the trailer, "I really need to get my screaming voice back, it worked so well when I was here 3 years ago."
As Carey, Aaron and Misty walked to 2nd period, they talked quietly about what happened in class
"I still can't believe it, Misty, you get to fight Aaron, and," Carey laughed hysterically, "over me! Isn't that great."
"Well, who wouldn't fight over you?" Misty joked, "You're just so wonderful, we'd do anything for you."
"Okay!" Carey smiled, "Go buy me a drink."
"Hah!" Misty and Aaron laughed and ran off, leaving Carey alone to find her next class.
"They're just so wonderful." Carey laughed and went to her drama class, thinking about what happened in English.
The rest of the day was normal, except when the people in Ms. Paar's English class saw eachother, and then they'd just smile and giggle.
The last period of the day, which was study hall for Misty, Aaron, and Carey, turned out to be very interesting because it happened that George was in the same class.
"Wow, the sleaze is in my class, who knew?" he laughed and continued, "Hey, maybe since you're going to be the heroine, you can get a kiss from Aaron, but wait, you wouldn't like that, you don't go for guys anyway."
After he said that, he turned around, preparing to do some of his homework, but was interrupted when Aaron jumped on his back.
"You take that back, you know it's not true."
Carey pulled Aaron off, knowing that his 130-pound body was no match against George's 190-pound frame. Misty sighed and told George, "You know, you might want to think of some better insults, those are getting kind of old."
They both pulled Aaron out of the room, telling the teacher-in-charge that they were going to the library to do research.
"Aaron, you can't go psycho on George every time he insults me, you'd be squished and you wouldn't be able to be my hero." Carey batted her eyebrows at Aaron; "I can take care of myself, but thanks for standing up for me anyway."
"Um." Aaron blushed, "You're welcome. So anyway, what do we do now?"
"What do we know about Sleeping Beauty?" Misty asked.
"Her name was Aurora, she was pricked by a needle, she fell asleep for about 100 years or so, and then her prince woke her up with a kiss." Carey said, "Now what could have been changed about that?"
"I don't know, hey, I'd better go." Aaron checked his watch, "I promised my mom that I'd watch my little sister tonight, you guys have fun trying to figure this all out."
"Thanks. See you tomorrow!" Carey grinned and then turned to Misty, "I have to go too, I have piano lessons, what fun."
Misty sighed and watched her two friends going off in separate directions, "When will those two learn?"
As she walked into her house, she didn't notice that a dark figure was watching her from a street corner, "The fools have no clue."
As darkness fell, the dark figure laughed maniacally until the darkness swallowed him whole, much like what had already happened to his soul.