Chapter 2: Coffee Cake

"Another wonderful day of school." Carey groaned and rolled over, "I really need to get another alarm clock, I think that this one's out to get me."
"Happy second day of school!" her mom poked her head in the door, "Time to get up and have a wonderful day of learning!"
"What joy." Carey said sarcastically, "Oh well, today I get to be sleeping beauty, and hopefully I won't have any homework."
Nothing exciting happened that morning, except that her mom was chasing her around their house trying to get second day of school pictures.
"Mom." Carey sighed, "I think that after the first day of school, the novelty is gone and you should stop taking pictures."
"But I have to get as many pictures of my little girl as I can before she goes off to college and leaves me alone."
"You still have dad, and I'll come back and visit you occasionally." She muttered, "After I get as far away from this house as I can." When her mom looked suspiciously at her, she coughed and looked at her watch, "Oops, time for school, guess you can't take any more pictures."
She ran out of the house, grabbed Alex by the arm, and dragged her to the bus stop.
"Are you going to do this every morning?" Alex sighed, "Your mom really needs to get a life. That sucks that we don't have any classes together."
"I know, but at least you don't have Ms. Paar, she scares me."
"But, Ms. Paar is still in Germany. At the senior assembly, which you missed," She looked accusingly at Carey, "the principal told us that Ms. Paar was going to come back next year and that she was sorry that she would miss seeing our class again."
"But, but, I have her first period in trailer 197, she teaches English now." Carey stuttered, "I'm sure it's her."
"Trailer 197 was taken away this summer, it was considered dangerous because of the faulty lighting and the gas that was found coming from the heating vent last year. Are you sure you're okay?"
Carey forced a grin and said, "I knew that, I was just kidding."
Alex studied Carey and was about to ask a question when the bus came, "Guess we'd better go." Carey ran inside the bus, sat down, and thought, "What's up with that, I'm sure that it was Ms. Paar and trailer 197. Why does the rest of the school think that the trailer's gone and Ms. Paar is still in Germany?"
The bus ride seemed to last forever, as Carey was actually anxious to get to school and tell Aaron and Misty what she learned. She was just sitting, thinking about what was happening with her English class, when the bus suddenly stopped.
"Uh-oh." The bus driver said, "Kids, I think we have a problem."
"What happened now?" Carey sighed, her day was not getting off to a good start.
"It seems like we have hit someone." The bus driver frowned, "Now we just have to see if they're still breathing."
No one paid any attention to this except Carey, and even the bus driver didn't do anything except call the police on her cell phone.
"Come on people." Carey ran out of the bus and saw the person lying on the ground, moaning.
"Are you okay?" she noticed that his leg was bloody, but that nothing else seemed hurt.
"No, I'm perfectly fine." He tried to get up, "You could help me and not just stand there looking like a fool."
"I'm sorry for trying to be of assistance," Carey got up to get back on the bus, "Have fun trying to get up on your own."
"Fine, you can help me." He sighed, "I'm sorry for the attitude, but the last thing I remember I was walking in a field and then some weird vortex like thing appeared in front of me. Next thing I know, I'm here and my leg is mangled."
Carey heard an ambulance coming and knew that if anyone heard his story he'd be sent to an asylum.
"Okay, listen to me," she helped him up, "if you were to tell anyone else your story they'd think you were crazy. Lucky for you, I already went through crazier things, and so I believe you, sort of. We have to get you to my school, and since we can't tell the authorities, the only person we can trust is my English teacher because she's just as crazy as you."
They walked slowly to Calvert High, bickering the whole way. When they finally got to Ms. Paar's trailer, they found that they were the first two there.
Carey walked around the trailer, trying to find something that could clean up the blood on his leg, "So what's your name anyway?"
"Sean." He winced as she tried to get the blood off with a damp washcloth, "That hurts woman."
"Would you rather answer questions about why you have blood on your leg? Besides, I've almost got all the blood off. Ms. Paar!"
"Ah, I see that you've finally arrived." She laughed and turned to Carey, "This is my nephew, he came to help us with some parts in the project. I gave him all of your classes because you're the student that I believe I can trust the most."
Carey stared at Ms. Paar and then turned to look at Sean. They didn't look anything alike. Ms. Paar was short with long curly brown hair and tan skin, while Sean had short black hair, black eyes, and very pale skin.
"Ookay?" Carey started, "Well, isn't class going to start soon? He doesn't have a part in the 'project', is he just going to sit out?"
"We'll find a part for him, he'll just have to improvise."
When they finished talking, students started coming into the room, talking about the other day's class. They shut up suddenly when they saw Sean and the bloody washcloth beside him.
"Sit down children, we will start when all of you are here."
Aaron and Misty ran into the room and hissed at Carey, "Where were you? I thought that we were supposed to meet by the blue rock."
"Sorry guys, I had to help Sean here, he's Ms. Paar's nephew and he's in all of my classes."
Aaron glared at Sean, noticing that he was staring pretty hard at Carey.
"All of you are here, now we can start the project. Will the people with parts come up here please?"
Aaron, Misty, Carey and all of the other people who had colored hands the other day went up to Ms. Paar's desk.
"Time for sleeping beauty." Ms. Paar explained, "I have magic dust that when you breathe it in, you will automatically act like the people in the role that you were given. The colors of the dust correspond with the color that your arm was the other day."
"Speaking of that," Carey stated, "my arm hasn't changed back." She rolled up her sleeve, "See."
Her entire arm was silver, but Ms. Paar just looked and laughed, "Don't worry, it's a normal reaction, it will disappear during the 'play' and even if it reappears it will go away shortly after."
"Whatever you say." Carey dipped her hand into the silver dust and held it up to her nose, "Here we go."
She blacked out after sniffing the dust, and everyone else shied back.
"Is that supposed to happen?" Aaron angrily asked, "If this turns out to be a trap, you'll pay."
"Why, isn't Aaron the brave one." She sighed, "But don't worry, you all have to pass out in order for this to work, once you are all unconscious, the settings will kick in and we can start."
Misty stepped up to her dust, and once she passed out, everyone else followed, except Aaron who stared at Ms. Paar, still untrusting.
"It's fine." She stuck the dust up to his nose, "Just breathe like normal."
He gasped and choked, "What the." he fell on the ground and the last thing he saw before the world went black was Ms. Paar, laughing maniacally."
He found himself outside of a castle, in a hoard of milling people.
"Um, excuse me sir." He asked someone, "What are we doing here?"
The man looked at him like he was crazy, but he just shook his head and answered, "It's the princess's 16th birthday, it's a celebration that the curse has not come about yet."
"What curse?" Aaron shook his head and told himself, "Get a grip, this is sleeping beauty, of course there's a curse."
"It's the princess," the crowd backed away and Aaron could see Carey, looking nervous about her role.
She was wearing a sapphire blue dress with diamonds and rubies covering it Her hair was twisted around her head and Aaron held his breath, "She's beautiful."
"And just think, she hasn't chosen a suitor yet."
"Wait, she's going to have to get married?" he asked.
"Of course, 16 is the marrying age for women here, do you come from a different country or something?"
"Yes, I am a prince from, um, Rilald, it's a fairly new country."
"Well, if you're a prince, then you might as well get in line," the man pointed to a line with many men dressed up in exotic costumes, "They're all trying to win her heart, and the throne."
"Well, here I go." As Aaron walked toward the line, he didn't notice that the man waved his black cloak and disappeared.
The line slowly decreased, and before Aaron knew it, he found himself waiting in front of the throne.
"Aaron!" Carey cleared her throat and asked, "Hello, sir. Why do you wish to marry me?"
He blushed and stammered for a while, when all of a sudden a black mist seeped into the throne.
Misty appeared in a long black cape and cackled maniacally, "Have you people forgotten about my curse already? I'm so ashamed. Anyway," she pointed at Carey, "Jeargifa."
Carey fell unconscious and slumped back into the throne.
"Carey!" Aaron ran over to her, picked her up, and turned to Misty, "How could you do this to one of your best friends.
"Apparently you forgot that I'm the evil one." She giggled, "Now, the only way to save her is to find the best recipe for coffeecake. Only the very best in the world will save her, and you have to have it by tomorrow." She disappeared, still laughing evilly.
"What the.?" he cringed, "This must be what they changed in the story, but I can't cook."
The other princes laughed at him, "We're all certified chefs from the highest quality cooking school in the country. We'll see you tomorrow." They put on their aprons and ran off.
"I bet they're all gay." Aaron sighed and walked away, sure that he was going to fail miserably.
"Psst." Sean appeared from the shadows behind the throne, "I figured you'd need some help, so I brought this." He held up a coffeecake, "This is the perfect coffeecake, just give this to Misty and she'll be guaranteed to love it and free your little friend. Just remember, this is foolproof."
"Why are you helping me?"
"It's my job." And with that, Sean sauntered back off into the crowd.
"Well that was interesting, now where am I supposed to stay tonight?" As soon as he asked that, the scene in front of him started fading.
When he could see again, it was apparently the next day at the castle.
"That was weird." Aaron shrugged it off and noticed that he was still holding the coffeecake, "Time to see if this cake is really as good as Sean said."
He entered the throne room and noticed that someone had pulled in a bed and Carey was sleeping peacefully, unaware of anything around her.
"She's so cute." He murmured.
As soon as all of the princes arrived in the room, Misty appeared, "Now, get into a nice orderly line, and we'll see if any of your pitiful humans' coffeecakes are good enough to please me."
The princes went, one by one, but none of their cakes pleased Misty, "Too blah; too soggy; too firm; too silly; not colored enough; too colored."
As Aaron continued listening, he thought, "I didn't even make this coffeecake, even if she likes it, it would be cheating. He was about to excuse himself from the competition when all of a sudden it was his turn.
"Ooh, this is perfect." Misty squealed, "I guess I can let you have your little friend back on one condition. You have to give me the recipe."
He sighed, "Well, too be honest."
A girl appeared in the crowd, "A good chef never reveals their recipe, you have to find out what's in it by yourself, that's what makes it fun!"
She dragged Aaron away, he protested until he saw the look in her eyes, "Come with me."
In the corner of his eye he saw Carey stretching and knew that he had nothing more to do there, "So, what do you want?"
"I saw you get the coffeecake from that guy." She smiled, "But I couldn't let someone as cute as you get caught. You owe me something now."
He looked at her closely. She was pretty with blond hair and light green eyes, "What's your name anyway?"
"Amy." She blushed as he scrutinized her, but then looked at him with a serious glint in her eye, "I know that the princess, you, and other random people haven't been here before, there's something up and I expect you to tell me what it is. Everyone else isn't aware of it, but I'm not that stupid. If you don't tell me, I don't know what I might have to do."
Aaron blinked stupidly at her and then, when he fully understood that she was willing to blackmail him if she didn't get the truth, "I suppose that if I told you a stupid lie you'd be able to tell and would tell on me anyway."
"Yep!" Amy smiled maliciously, I'm a truth-seeker, so even if you told me a lie that anyone else wouldn't be able to notice, I would." She smiled smugly, "So anyway, tell me what happened."
"Fine," he sighed, "We don't come from this world, wherever it is. We have to find out what's wrong with each of them, and then fix them somehow. In our world, this was the fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty, but instead of having to bake a coffeecake, the prince gave her a kiss, after she slept for 100 years because no one knew what to do."
"Sounds like fun!" Amy smirked, "Now you'll have to let me come with you back to your world, I know too much."
"Were you just sent here to bother me?" he asked, "But anyway, don't you have a family that would miss you if you came with me?"
"Nah, I'm an orphan." She looked down at her feet, "My parents died when I was little. I don't even remember them."
"Oh, well, I honestly don't even know when we're leaving. But if you're around me when we do, you can come with us."
"Yay!" she ran over and hugged Aaron who started blushing.
When she let go of him, he started fading, so she grabbed back on to his arm. If anyone was watching that particular alley where they were, they would have seen two teenage kids slowly disappearing, but after that, the alley was desolate.
When Aaron and Amy opened their eyes again, they saw that they were in some sort of cave.
"Okay, this doesn't look like Ms. Paar's classroom."
"Who's Ms. Paar?"
My English teacher, the one who sent us on these quest things in the first place." He sighed, "And now we have to find a way out of the cave."
"So I have to thank Ms. Paar, because of her I got to meet you!"
He blushed again, but before he could say anything, a voice appeared and said, "So pursuer of the tales, what was different about this one?"
"Um," Aaron said to thin air, "Instead of a kiss, the evil one told us to bake her a coffeecake and when we had the perfect coffeecake, she let the princess go. I think that was it."
"Thank you." The voice disappeared and a picture of coffeecake appeared on one of the stalactites.
"Now what?" The floor of the cavern opened up and Amy and Aaron and the next thing they knew they were in a classroom.
"Does that always happen?" Aaron asked Ms. Paar, "You know, the whole disappearing without warning thing."
"I'm afraid so." She looked at Amy, "Who's this?"
"Oh, this is my friend Amy who I met in that other world and who blackmailed me so basically, I'm stuck with her."
Carey smiled and stuck out her hand, "Nice to meet you, I'm Carey."
Amy shook her hand and then leaned over and whispered over in her ear, "Aaron's mine, don't think about sticking your claws into him."
She leaned back and smiled, while Carey stared in shock.
"By the way." Aaron said, "If it's possible, can Amy live with you?" he asked innocently, "She can't stay with me, and you're my best friend and the person I trust the most. I think that you two will become best friends."
Carey just gaped in shock as he casually put his arm around Amy.
"Fine, if that's the way you want to be," Carey walked calmly out of the classroom since the bell had rung a second before, "My bus is 20, just follow me and I guess I'll see you later."
"What's wrong with her?" Aaron shrugged, "Oh well, you can just hang out with me, I'll pretend like you're my cousin who's interested in coming to the school."
Around school, whenever Amy saw Carey, which was often because she had 6 classes with Aaron, Amy put her arm around him and glared evilly at her.
"What's wrong with her?" Carey complained to Misty, "It's not like I'm any competition."
"I think she's just jealous, after all, you've known Aaron longer then she has, and he's your best friend. Just try to get to know her, maybe if you act really nice to her, she'll get used to you."
After school Amy followed Carey to her bus and sat next to her, but they didn't talk the entire hour ride.
"This is Amy," Carey told her mom, "Her mom and dad just died, so could she stay at us for a while?"
"Sure baby." Her mom turned to Amy, "You're so cute!"
As her mom led Amy off, Amy turned around and stuck her tongue out at Carey.
"Tomorrow should be better." She sighed, "I'm going to bed, and if anyone even cares about me anymore I'll be in my room."
The sun was still up as Carey lay back in her bed, "Why can't I just graduate already, college can't be any worse then this."
She finally fell asleep, thinking of how nice people's life would be if she was never born.