Death by Lack of Love

I swear you are killing,
my being, my soul
Just me
I know that you can see how I see you
I know that you know how my heart calls to you
But you ignore it and it pains me
And yet I am to blame in part
I ignore this pain, put you with others
I'm not understanding my own mind
It's just the way it works
But that's no excuse for you
I know you feel the same way
I know
But you deny it!
All because I'm not what you are supposed to be with
I will ruin your image
Your tearing my heart you know
With every rotten word you say!
Every word! Ever L-E-T-T-E-R
Because you're not just lying to yourself
But to me
But you know what?
If I am going to ruin your
And it matters just that much to you
Then I don't think I want to be with
Get it? I am worth more than that.
I am.
Because what people think about me doesn't ruin me
And I don't judge on what I see
And I love
And when I love, everyone knows it because my eyes shine
And my voice rings
But you kill that spirit
Because you kill me