What A Star Should Be
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on Thursday,March the 25th,when Samantha Dunbar
Had walked into and reported for work at a bar
Known as The Hot Spot and met the head bartender,
Who she'd noticed that he has his eye on her--
And that was before some patrons had entered the bar.

Just then,after she had served some drinks to one
Table,one of the patrons asked Sam,"You're the one
Who looks like that Star Trek:Voyager star,Jeri Ryan?"
"Why,yes.I'm the one."answered the embarrassed Jeri Ryan
Beauty,who walked from that table and to the next one.

A few minutes later,after she had started on her
Break,Sam had recieved something nice from the head bartender--
A single red rose,which had caused Sam to look
At him and ask his name,which is Jason Hook,
Who told her that he really shouldn't be a bartender.

And before she was about to ask Jason what he
Was getting at,Jason took out his guitar,played three
Notes and told her that he's a novice rock star
Who needs a new partner willing to travel very far,
Sing some songs and be what a star should be.

After she said "Yes" and ran over to the lug,
Sam kissed him and gave him one really big hug.
The next day,after they've told the owner,Louis Pitt
That he should just take this job and shove it,
They've gone to L.A.,for they've got something to plug.

And that something was a song entitled 'Angel Of Love'.
Just then,both Sam and Jason had fallen in love
With each other and he asked her to be part
Of his life forever,because it's with all his heart
That he's able to find--in a bar--true love.