The Boy and Girl

Line's connecting with each other
Lines telling her story
Though none will stay and listen
She writes her life in pain

She writes in red ink everyday
She watches her pain become numbed to nothing
She's shunned and avoided
She writes more to her story

A boy watches her slip further down
Tears brim his eyes
Little does she know he loves her
She means so much to him

He consumes alcohol daily
He wishes he can help her through
She knows about his pain
She wants to help him

They both shorten their lives
One by blood, one by drinking
Both long to help the other
Both are too proud to ask for help

Why won't they try?
Why should they give up?
Both love the other
Both want to change

They fall deeper into depression
Both from lack of love
She watches him daily
He dreams of her by night

Silent tears are shed for them
Both are loved by many
If only the boy would see
That girl he loves, is me

If only I could find the words
And make our lives better
Our problems intertwine
So, I sit and write a letter

I watch the boy change his ways
No longer does alcohol control his life
He smiles everyday with freedom
He holds me in his arms

Silent tears are shed for the boy
The tears are wiped away
For my love for him is so strong
And I stopped crying today