Through the night

They run

Silken swift

And full of fire

Green eyes


From the woods


On the prowl

Voices joined,

The Wolfsong

Rises to

Sing down the moon

Silver orb

Suspended in

The black velvet

Cloak of night

Watches all

Its face



Through the

Wild green wood

The crunch

Of leaves

And sticks

And stones

The rustle

Of the wind

In the pine trees



In the carpet of

Moss and pine needles

Soft sleek coats

Black, and

White, and

Grey as


Soft pads tread

The forest paths

Ancient as

Life itself

The cycle

Ever repeating


And prey

Tongues loll

Over sharp

White fangs


Silent, seeking

Watching, waiting

Stalking, crouching

Noises in the bushes

A flash of brown fur

Cloven hoofs, and

Wild eyes

Followed by

Paws of doom

A cry in the night

Jaws clamp

Fangs tear




Red everywhere

A life snuffed out

As the stars watch


The packsong rises

The wolves have

Fed well tonight


Fur and fangs

Washed clean

In the evening rain

Soft droplets

Give way to

Sheets of rain

Midst the titan

Clashes of

Thunder and


The winds

Push aside the

Clouds to

Reveal the ageless

Moon still

Shining bright

And one by one

The cry goes up

Wafting to the heavens

Voices all

In harmony

The haunting

Melody of nature


Trekking home

Through woods

And meadows

Across the

Frosted fields

And through

The cool

Mountain streams

Each paw placed

In a single

Line of prints

The wolf pack

Steals though

No one the wiser

The horizon

Tinges with

Faint light

The pinkish

Rays of morning

Herald the

Coming dawn

For one last moment

Before slipping

Out of sight

The moon shines

Softly, glowing

In the final

Edge of twilight

The wolfpack sings

Their tone mournful

The night is ended

But after day

It shall come again

Day and night

Sun and moon

The endless cycle

Like predator

And prey

Links in the

Circle of life

The time of

Hunting ends

And as the

Day creatures

Come out to roam

The last misty notes

Of the Wolfsong

Drift away on the

Winds of morning