[This, if all goes well, will be epic, this is a brain child that's been in the making for a couple years between friends. It all started as characters on an RPG forum, then evolved into a comic book. Finally realizing all the errors made in the past, and a rough outline of the entire story, I have decided to take it to the public. And so begins my epic: Afterworld.]

July 3rd 9:00 PM....

"This is Action News at 9, and we're currently talking to Robert who has been patiently waiting through the commercial break to report. Robert, on the west coast, what's going on?"

"Jill, after many failed negotiations, China has begun firing on the United States. Las Angeles is ground zero to this horrible battle. Earlier today the Chinese navy pulled into L.A. demanding an immediate meeting with President Sears. After hours of what witnesses call "violently heated debates", the President left back to D.C. Around 8:00 PM the ships came back, and around 9:45, began firing upon the coast. Soon planes spilled off of the carriers and that's all she wrote. As of now, the President is in hiding, speaking to war advisors. But you know, as well as I, the possibility of war isn't really a possibility anymore."

July 8th 6:00 AM....

"Sad news tonight, we have discovered that the recently hijacked American cruise ship has docked into New York. No survivors were found...."

July 8th 5:00 PM

"Lady's and gentlemen, we are officially at war. Earlier tonight, China launched a nuclear missile directly into the heart of L.A. finally finishing off the destruction began earlier this week. In retaliation the United States has fired a nuclear bomb into Beijing. As we speak, there is an emergency meeting of the United Nations going on."

July 10th 9:00 PM

"President Sears has begun assembly of a special forces group. Vice President Michael Peters is heading up the team, putting himself on the front lines, despite much argument by the cabinet. The new force is called the United States Military Atomic Security Specialists. U.S.M.A.S.S. will be handling nuclear weapon warfare, and other military specialties.

In other news, France has finally sided with the "Peace Coalition", and is at war with the United States and the rest of the "Free World". So the final world super power has set its piece and so begins World War 3. Let us pray this war is short, and the war that ends ALL war."

A TV turns off and a man dressed in mechanics uniform turns to a class of teens. The man is well into his 40's maybe even early 50's, and large enough to have a commanding presence. His mouth opens as he speaks quietly, yet obviously commanding his audience. "So, that was over 10 years ago. It was one of the final peaceful news broadcasts ever recorded. As you all know, the war began, and not much is left of the world. The entire world has de-evolved into their post industrialized counterparts of themselves. But the Untied States, being the overall victor of World War 3, only moved farther forward."

He pushed the TV to the wall, and brought down a white screen. He pushed a button on a remote and a picture appeared on the screen. The picture was one of a hug city, thousands of miles long. Blue lights illuminated the entire skyline, making the city look even more majestic. "This, as I'm sure you know, is New Chicago. Along with New L.A., New Washington, New Dallas, and the Independent City of New York, New Chicago is what we call City-States. Since the ground is relatively uninhabitable, humanity took to the skies. We brought the greatest minds together, and created a way to make these floating cities a reality. But like I said, humanity did that. And we, happily, are not human." He rolled up the screen, and sat at his desk.

"The first mutants name was James Brodrick. Not exactly an abnormal name, but an abnormal man he was. When he was 16 years old, his hormones finally kicked in. And as any young 16 year old male with a girlfriend would do, he decided to fill some wild oats. And what would have normally been a night of teenage mischief, his abilities first appeared. As him and his girlfriend were becoming more intimate, things started to heat up. including our dear Robert. He was reported saying his skin started to burn, and suddenly his girlfriend was screaming, and before anything could be done, she was dead, burnt to death. At first no one believed him, I mean, I wouldn't have either at the time. But during the court case, his emotions went wild, and once again, Bobby began to burn. Soon after that other teenagers and adults began to gain abilities. And this was only 3 years ago. Soon, anyone found with "tainted DNA" was kicked from the skies, forced to live on this scorched earth."

A young man raised his hand, and the mechanic nodded to tell him to speak, "Uhm, Mr. Larn, this is all fascinating, but I think we all know the basics of mutant history. What I joined this class for was to learn of the Anthro race, and their history.

Larn rose from his seat and look the teen in the eyes, "Well, unlike we mutants, Anthro's are a direct result of the war. We took awhile to show up, but the Anthro were created by the nuclear energy. They are fusions of the animals and humans of the areas. They seem to live together in species oriented clans. They live in the remaining forests, and the only kinds are Feline and Canine. They were human once, yet seem to have forgotten. They are very primitive, and live in all sorts of eras. By this I mean, one clan may be like the knights of old, while another clan may use modern weapons, and another a clan of samurais. But they all have one thing in common, they are warriors. Really, this is all we know of Anthros, but I think we will be learning even more soon." He looked off into a nearby window, overlooking the garage. This garage was the headquarters for mutants thrown out of New Chicago. It was called Eden, but with all the flames and metal, it looked far from paradise. They still worked on cars here; they salvaged them, and turned them into weapons.

He snapped back into reality as the class bell went off. "Okay, class is done, run along and do something useful." Larn never assigned homework, but he did assign chores at the beginning of week. He sat back in his chair and started thinking about his past. He rarely had quiet moments, and when he had them, he relished in them. Suddenly someone appeared in his doorway.

"Larn!? Mr. Larn?" Billy Ray entered the room. The poor boys face had slowly evolved more and more into that of a shark. Rows of teeth filled his mouth, and his face jutted out to a point. But he could breathe underwater, and fish really well, so he didn't mind much anymore. He was the star of the swim team. "Mr. Larn, have you seen Kyran?"

"Yeah, I sent him out earlier after some food, but he should be back by now." Larn looked into the ceiling, and thought to himself, "Kyran, be careful out there."