He sat up, and he was tired. He groaned, or at least he tried to. It came out sounding more like a gurgle. He looked down at his hands, and they looked huge. His whole body had grown. He stood up to realize he was about three and a half meters tall. He sniffed the air, and looked around the empty room. He saw the husk of skin from what remained of his head, he bent over and gnawed on the bloody mess.

Suddenly his mind went back into place and he remembered it all. He was Dr. Quickens, and his own creations had killed him. Luckily he had placed a contingency plan in his own blood in case of such a mistake. He had simply called in a Quickling, and through mental locks and triggers was able to convince it to infuse with himself.

He licked his non existent lips with his watery tongue, and realized he was eating the bloody remains of his own skull. He thought he would gag, but he had no stomach. No internal organs at all, and no way to die. He knew that electricity could kill him, but the wattage would have to be quite high. Not to mention, a little tinkering in what was left of his lab and he would have a way to deal with that too.

Suddenly a flood of dull boring thoughts invaded his mind. They wandered near by, far away, everywhere. He let loose a guttural scream and all the voices silenced. Almost as if they had heard him. In fact, they began moving towards him, he could feel them. They had become a hive mind, and he was king.

He walked outside and reached up to stretch his non existent muscles. His hands nearly destroyed the ceiling above him, with a simple movement. His strength was enormous and terrible. He knew immediately what to do with that power, and it felt like instinct, as if it must be done. And he began to make his way to Eden.

Kyran had been up all day working on his bike. He nearly had it running again but it was far from fully repaired.

"What's up Kyran?" Towdah had snuck behind Kyran and was watching him on top of a nearby van. "Any good news on the old bike?"

"Lot's of good news, whether or not it's important is a different matter though." Kyran twisted a screw tight.

"Does it have a name?"

"Sorry, I don't believe in such archaic rituals as naming ones mode of transportation."

Towdah grinned, "I can see through you, and you're lying." He leaped next to Kyran, "Come on, give it up, what's her name?"

"How do you know it's a girl name?" He dropped his wrench and looked at Towdah.

"Because that's the rules. Cars and other Vehicles are female!"

"I see you've been talking to Larn." He wiped off his oil stained hands, "Well her name is Kat."

"Kat? Sorry if I don't find the name too appealing." He frowned visibly.

Kyran snickered, "Yeah, most dogs wouldn't." His smile left quickly though, "That was the name of the girl that all of this came from. My powers and stuff, the big shock. My friends death, her death, all the death. All because of Kat." He looked up at Towdah. "Not that she knew it was her fault. I let a little game go on too long, I'm the one to blame. See, me and my friend Chris, we both had a crush on Kat. But you know I couldn't let it go, and I dated Kat. Needless to say Chris wasn't happy."

"And he shot up the school, because of a date between friends?"

Kyran nodded, "Yeah, and I can't forgive myself, I could have sworn her off and left it all alone."

Towdah placed a paw on Kyrans shoulder, "Listen, your friend was unstable if that's all took for him to want to kill. You are not to blame, his own warped mind was." He smiled, "Not to mention you may have a new girl now. That Anita really laid a big one on you."

Kyran blushed, "Yeah she did, didn't she. She's playing hard to get though. I hate that."

"But the one thing about hard to get is," he stood up, "they are always trying to be gotten. You've already won a prize, now you have to take it." He leapt back on top of the van, "Goodnight Kyran, and get some rest."

Larn looked through the file again, despite the fact he knew everything about her without even looking at a page of it. It was important for him to keep appearances up. He knew what he could do, but he didn't need everyone else to know. "So, Anita, you're from New Chicago?"

"Born and raised there, yes." Anita was still wearing her torn up blue prom dress, and had her legs crossed sitting on a chair in front of Larns desk.

"So how did you get here? Usually something happens. Most mutants cause some kind of catastrophe that makes them visible enough to kick out." He already knew the answers but in most cases he found that his fellow mutants found it therapeutic just to spill it out.

"I wish it was a catastrophe, but my existence seemed to be a catastrophe." She sighed and continued, "To put it bluntly, I never made my powers apparent. But my mom and dad were too freaked out by it. They knew I was a mutant and turned me in. The End."

"So you have something against parental figures." Larn smiled, "Well then you'll be happy that I see myself more as a brother than a father."

"Well I see you as a father, and I see Kyran, Tow, and the others as brothers."

"Brothers? Do you always kiss your brothers like that?" Larn smirked slightly.

Anitas face reddened, "No, he helped me, he has a crush on me, I just saved him a bit of trouble." She pointed at Larn, "But I have no interest in Kyran Darkeye! None!"

Larn laughed, "I never accused you of that much, some of you kids just get so nervous and you say too much."

A group of men in military ensemble sat around a table in a cold sterilized and very metallic looking room. They knew the normal reasons why the room was how it was. The reasons given were for protection from any attacks going on during these meetings. Yet there were never any said attacks. They new that their leader was a psychological monster. Not that he was an overly intelligent man, but he knew how to scare you. Not to mention that he had these men ranked and such, but with the world in the shape it was, it hardly mattered. They always thought about these things while he made them wait, and he always made them wait.

He entered the room, in normal fashion. Normal marine looking gear, that was slightly tight on the man. Not that he was rotund, just that he had seen better days. He touched his thick white mustache and sat down at the head of the table. The others nodded at President Michael Peters, and the meeting began. "What's the situation?"

A smaller man, also wearing the military camouflage stood up from his chair. He saluted and adjusted his large round wire rimmed glasses. "The Technical base zero-three-one has been nearly completely destroyed by its own inhabitance. By that I mean the Quicklings went nuts. They've destroyed nearly all the equipment, and have rendered it nearly useless." He stiffened visibly as he spoke his next sentence, "Here's the odd part though. They were all scattered after the mutants had invaded, chasing them and escaping in general." He held out a paper for the room to see, "But as you can see, they're all coming back, as if they are being called back!"

Peters moved his hands over his mouth, "So, we should nuke it while we have the chance?"

The man looked at his superior, "Not at all sir, this needs to be observed. They worked as a hive mind before. Each mind working together to create one thought that they would all follow. But this pattern is awkward, these things hunt and that's it." He edged toward the president, "The hive has found itself a queen."

Peters glared at the man, "You're telling me that one of them has become sentient enough to control them all?"

"At the very least. Either that or Dr. Quickens set up some safe guard, some ultimate Quickling in case of an emergency." The man sat back down, "Either way, this phenomenon needs to be obser…"

The president interrupted, "Either way, the facility must be destroyed."

The smaller man leapt from his seat, "But Mr. President!"

"I will not allow some being control an army of killing machines! No, they must be destroyed and it must be done quietly. No nukes this time. It's not like it would matter against them anyhow." He brushed his mustache and looked at a large muscular looking man, "Do we have any of those electrical land mines left?"

The officer looked at him, "Yes sir, we have plenty. They were mainly used to cause disruption among the enemy as they came through. Plus anyone on land would become nice and toasty."

"Well, I happen to know for a fact that these critters are prone to electricity. Can these mines be strung together to cause a mass pulse of electricity that will cover a large radius. Maybe a matter of miles?"

The muscular man smirked, "I'm sure with a little tinkering we can provide you with what you need."

"Then you and your men leave at sunrise. Dismissed."