I am the last leaf on a tree,
Hanging on to a memory of summer,
I dance from side to side in my sorrows,
Weakening, and weakening,
My exterior dying,
Just to hold on,
Holding on to what we all will lose,
The wind dares me to fall,
To take my final dance in the breeze,
To fall into her hands,
My holder, cold and bare,
Dying for the winter,
I am the only one,
My stance proud, but I feel exposed
I look to the ground,
Snow flakes covering the once beauty of fall,
Red and orange hues being smothered,
By the white residue of death,
My final coffin, the soft snow
My last dance in the wind,
My stem fluttering to the beats of the dead
I break and, I break,
Falling as my eyes close to the white sky of winter.