Chapter 3

When Mica came and told Miriam that he had become a Christian she was overjoyed. But when he told her of the man called Yeshua (Jesus) tears filled her eyes. Grabbing him by the arm Miriam asked, "Are you certain is name was Yeshua?"

"Yes, that was his name. There was such a power surrounding him. I could feel it," Mica said.

"I have seen him too. He calls himself the Messiah," Miriam said.

"He is the Messiah, the chosen one. Of this I am now certain. I believe in him," Mica said smiling.

At that moment Hica, Miriam's father came outside.

"Miriam, why is there tears in your eyes?" Hica asked touching his daughter's cheek.

"Father, Mica has heard Yeshua speak. He has become a Christian," Miriam said smiling.

Hica smiled warmly and embraced Mica.

"You must take me to where Yeshua is. I want to see him," Hica said to Mica.

"I can help you do that. I will take you to where he is," Mica said.

"Then let us make haste. Come Miriam, take my hand," Hica said.

Mica walked with the father and daughter down the dusty streets. He knew that wherever a large crowd was gathered, there Yeshua would be. Suddenly Miriam pointed up ahead.

"Look!" she cried out.

Up ahead was a large group of people following one man dressed in simple brown robes. As soon as Mica saw the man he knew who it was.

"That's him, that is Yeshua," Mica said.

Miriam clutched her throat as they neared the man. Tears filled her eyes and she quickened her pace, as did Hica and Mica. The large crowd that surrounded Yeshua would not let them through. Mica and Miriam pushed and shoved trying desperately to get close to Yeshua but no one would let them pass.

"Please let us through! We must see Yeshua," Miriam pleaded to the thronging crowd.

Suddenly Miriam was pushed down by a man in the group as she tried to get by him.

"Get out of the way!" the man said angrily pushing her

Falling down upon her stomach, Miriam cried out as she hit the dusty ground.

"Miriam!" her father cried out.

Her black robe fell from her head causing her long raven hair to fall down her back. Dust swirled about her and she couldn't see very well for a moment. Her long robes had become entangled and she could not stand. As she lay there on her stomach in the middle of the street suddenly Miriam saw sandaled feet in front of her. Slowly her eyes gazed up at the man who now stood looking down at her.

"Yeshua," she whispered as tears formed in her eyes.

The man called Yeshua slowly offered her his hand. At first Miriam was afraid to touch his hand but finally she put her hand in his. He lifted her up slowly until she was standing in front of him. Miriam lowered her head, unable to look upon his face at first. But gradually she managed to look into his eyes. When she saw his face it seemed so full of compassion and love. Just the sight of his face caused her to tremble. Tears began to trickle down Miriam's dirt stained face and suddenly she felt the urge to drop to her knees.

Falling to her knees in front of him, Miriam bowed her head.

"Yeshua, my Lord," she whispered.

He reached down and touched her head gently motioning for her to stand. Then slowly he turned and began to walk away. Miriam stood motionless watching him leave. The tears continued to fall down her cheeks as her eyes stayed upon Yeshua. At that moment her father and Mica came to her side. Hica reached out and put his arm around his daughter.

"Miriam, are you alright?" he asked.

"Yes. . .I'm fine. . ."she said slowly.

"It is Yeshua. He looked at me and I knew," Hica said smiling.

"Yes Father, he is Yeshua. I am certain now more than I ever was before," Miriam whispered as a gentle breeze blew drying the tears on her cheeks.

To Be Continued. . .